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Onboarding international students

Have you been (conditionally) admitted to VU Amsterdam? Start your onboarding journey here!

What is onboarding?
Student onboarding is the process of getting you adjusted to your new study environment's practical, social, and academic aspects. The onboarding process does not begin on the first day of classes, but on the day you are (conditionally) admitted and decide to study at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Studies show that an effective onboarding programme enhances student engagement. It is expected that it will increase your level of involvement as well as your overall well-being. This goes beyond orientation and is an individual process.

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It makes sense that prospective Bachelor's students and prospective Master's students have different needs when it comes to onboarding, but also have different levels of experience with living abroad and life at university. Therefore, we have created two different pages with programmes specifically tailored to both target groups.