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Student psychological counsellor

Last updated on 3 May 2022

Anyone can suffer from psychological complaints that make studying difficult. The student psychological counsellors can help you work on this.

When do you go to the student psychological counsellors?

The student psychological counselors support students who experience study related problems, such as but not limited to fear of failure, procrastination, concentration issues, lack of discipline, lack of motivation, fear of exams, presentation anxiety, study stress, negative ideas about yourself, study or  graduation problems and more.
When you experience other issues or complaints, you can always schedule an appointment with us and we will explore together with you where you can go best. If you would like to take steps yourself to get the right mental health care, please read the information on 'Information about (registering with) a GP and mental health care in the Netherlands' about how mental health care works in the Netherlands' or see our infographic. You can also ask your question during the walk-in consultation hour.

How can the student psychological counsellors help you?

The student psychological counselors offer short-term individual counseling where applicable, and give courses on for example stress and fear of failure. More information on the courses offered by the student psychological counselors can be found here.

Are you a student at the VU? Log in with your VU Net ID to schedule an appointment or continue reading about the student psychological counsellors and their services. When you are not a student at the VU, and wish to find out more about the student psychological counsellors, please send an email with your question to

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