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Do you want to meet other students and become active member of an association?

Make the most of your student life by joining a study or student association! For fun, relaxation and social contact, or for study-related activities. Make friends for life and establish connections that could result in big post-graduation opportunities. Do you want more? Develop additional skills by doing a board year or participating in a committee.

There are different types of associations:

  • A study association is founded by students and focusses on the content of your studies and on de-stressing. Study associations often offer books for your courses at a discounted rate. Study associations do not haze members and membership is often inexpensive.
  • A student association focusses on creating social connections between students. You can meet people from various study programmes and educational institutions. Student associations often haze their members, and hazing periods may last several days to several weeks. During this period, new members bond with each other as a group.

Associations at VU Amsterdam

Studying in Amsterdam means you can choose from a wide range of study and student associations. There is also a University Student Council and Faculty Student Council to represent you as a student, which you can also become a part of.

More information can be found in the video.

Do you want to know more about student associations?

Feel free to contact Student Engagement!