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Student counsellor

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Last updated on 22 September 2021

You can contact the student counsellor about matters not directly related to the content of your degree programme. The student counsellor provides support, advice and information about regulations. Discussions with a student counsellor are confidential.

Student counsellors offer support with cross-study questions and problems. They help you with problems in which various regulations and legal provisions play a role. You can think of registration and deregistration issues, DUO facilities, urgent housing, assistance with applying for the Profile Fund and other financial provisions. 

Student counsellors can also advise you on submitting complaints and on objection and appeal procedures. In addition, they organize activities for different groups of students such as: students with ASD, studying parents, top athletes and other talent, students from the Caribbean, long-term students, informal carers and finally students-4-students

You can make an appointment using the blue button on the top of this page. Consultations are confidential and free of charge. An appointment with the student counsellor usually lasts half an hour and can take place on campus or online via video call.

More information about the student counsellor

  • DUO scholarships and their regulations for Dutch/EEU residents

    The student counsellors can help you with questions about:

    • DUO regulations in the event of extended study delays due to chronic illness, disability, dyslexia or extenuating circumstances.
    • DUO regulations in the event of an irreconcilable conflict with parent(s).
    • If you have specific questions or require clarification about your DUO student financing or travel pass. You can authorize the student counsellor to inquire about your personal situation on your behalf if you suspect irregularities.
    • If you cannot complete your degree within the diploma term from DUO (10 years) due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control.
    • If you are deemed unsuitable for your degree programme while enrolled.
  • Apply for financial support or help with financial problems

    Advise about submitting your request for financial support/compensation to the Profile Fund 

    If you experience a delay in your studies due to special circumstances, you may be eligible for financial assistance. You can make an appointment with a student counsellor if you have questions about submitting your application.

    Please note that you must report your study delay to your programme‚Äôs academic advisor in good time. See the Profile Fund scheme  for all conditions. 

    Acute or long-term financial difficulties

    If you have financial difficulties, you can't concentrate properly, which is at the expense of your studies. If you are progressed quite far towards completing your degree and you are experiencing financial difficulties that prevent you from finishing your studies the student counsellor can help you apply for a loan or donation for your study costs from a private fund. The counsellor can also refer you to organizations that help you get your finances back in order. 

    Are you facing acute financial distress due to circumstances beyond your control and are you unable to resolve the situation? Make an appointment with the student counsellor to discuss this. The student counsellor can advise you and perhaps mediate in a solution. 

  • Letter of recommendation for study abroad

    If you have agreed participating in a study abroad program and the faculty has approved your stay, you might ask for a letter of recommendation from the student counsellor. This is in case you want to apply for a contribution from private funds or foundations. The student counsellor can inform you about the procedure and regulations.

  • Studying and top sport or top performance

    Students who deliver a top performance in sports or a cultural field can make use of extra facilities at VU Amsterdam. They can get extra financial support of the Profile Fund during the time they combine top performance and study.

    More information can be found on the page Top-level athletes and other talent or make an appointment with student counsellor / coordinator Top Performance Brechje Tijssen.

  • Interim deregistration and / or discontinuing your studies

    The student counselors can advise you if you:

    • temporarily want or have to deregister due to extenuating circumstances
    • If you need an interim registration due to extenuating circumstances
    • If you wish to discontinue your studies and/or you are considering a different programme

    Make an appointment via the blue button at the top of this page. 

  • Urgent emergency accomodations

    If you are urgently looking for student accommodation due to special personal circumstances, make an appointment with the student counsellor to discuss this. In exceptional cases, a solution can sometimes be found. Make sure that you are at least registered with and that you can demonstrate that you are actively looking for (student) accommodation.
    Unfortunately, it is not allowed to live with children in student housing.

    More information about living in Amsterdam

  • Personal issues

    You can make an appointment with a student counsellor for a confidential discussion about issues at the university or your own personal matters such as: 

    • a complaint or problem 
    • advice about the procedure for lodging a complaint or appeal with the Executive Board
    • insecurity or discrimination

    You can also contact the confidential counsellors for students if you are confronted with inappropriate conduct and wish to file a complaint or require support.

  • Informal care

    If you care for a loved one with a physical or psychological illness or you are worried or you do not receive enough care/attention yourself, you are a (young) informal caregiver.

    More information for students who are informal carers

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment via the online agenda. Use the blue button at the top of this page.

Find more information at help with finances or housing during the pandemic. 

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