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Extra challenge

Are you easily bored? Are you constantly looking for new (intellectual) stimuli? Do you sometimes get impatient when things take too long? Then you might be highly intelligent or a fast thinker and could probably use an extra challenge!

VU Amsterdam offers various possibilities to enrich your curriculum and further develop yourself. This can be done by deepening your knowledge, social involvement and management experience. There is also the opportunity to meet other students who could use an extra challenge.

Your time as a student gives you plenty of opportunities to develop yourself personally. Through your studies, of course, but also through the activities that you can undertake on the side. The offer of VU Amsterdam is set up in such a way that you can lay a solid foundation for your future personal and professional life. How do you develop yourself in addition to your studies at VU Amsterdam?

Online self-help: Gezondeboel

Online self-help: Gezondeboel

Do you sometimes encounter problems such as stress, choice overload, rumination, worry, fear of failure, sadness, insomnia or loneliness? Or do you have difficulty with planning and do you often postpone study tasks? Gezondeboel is there for you! This is an e-Health platform with online modules to support you. VU students have free access. Log in and pick a programme to work on your mental health, lifestyle and study skills!

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