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Dream Teams

In a Dream Team, you can make societal impact and develop your personal and professional skills.

The team consists of  8 to 14 Bachelor's and Master's students from diverse disciplines and a rich range of skills. This way, you complement each other, reinforce each other, push boundaries, and grow academically, personally and socially. In short, you develop 'A Broader Mind'.

There are four Dream Teams this year:

  1. VU-Vital (formerly ProFit!)
    Improve physical and mental health of students and staff, reducing their biological age. How old are you really?
  2. Burning Lowlands
    How can we protect nature, farms and residents and also increase biodiversity while ensuring our safety from destructive fires? Are prescribed fires the solution?
  3. Reduce Food Waste
    How do we make students and staff at the VU aware of food waste and seduce them to make better choices?
  4. Pulse Racing
    Improve the mobility and vitality of people with spinal cord injury, using Functional Electrostimulation (FES). You will participate in the Cybathlon, an international competition for talented parathletes using advanced robotics to compete for a gold medal.

Discover the four Dream Teams!

Frequently asked questions and contact

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What's in it for you:

    • Collaboration with fellow students from different years and different fields of study.
    • Significant expansion of your network. Together, you will look for interesting partners, both within and outside VU Amsterdam, and work on your networking skills, maintain relationships with stakeholders, and pitch creative ideas in a professional context.
    • Build your C.V. by developing skills that contribute to your personal and professional growth.
    • Your team is supported by researchers (ambassadors) who share their knowledge, expertise, and professional networks.
    • Receive 6 extracurricular ECTS credits if you meet certain requirements. In some cases, you can earn 6 intracurricular ECTS credits. See frequently asked questions.
    • A training programme that teaches you to formulate objectives and priorities, establish and honour collaboration agreements, and make adjustments based on progress and results.
    • Your team is guided by the Demonstrator Lab, where you meet other Dream Teams and seek answers to practical questions.
    •A lot of new friends! 

    Why does taking part offer a unique opportunity?
    You’ll operate in a self-managing, interdisciplinary team in which you’ll tackle a specific social issue and work towards a concrete end result. This includes, for example, writing a business plan, setting up or maintaining a website, attracting sponsors and making contact with companies and institutions. You’ll be supervised by VU ambassadors and the Demonstrator Lab, and you’ll receive an integrated training programme. This allows you to put your (theoretical) knowledge into practice, working with students from various disciplines.

    How does the recruitment and selection process work?
    Registration for 2023 is closed.

    Do you have a question for one of the Dream Teams? An idea on how you can contribute? Do you want to join one of the teams next year, or just want to stay informed? We'd love to hear from you! Send an email to and we will contact you.

    Do the Dream Teams receive study credits?  
    You’re eligible for 6 extracurricular ECTS if you write a report about your Dream Team. The report must contain a number of elements, which you can ask the ambassador or a member of the supervisory team about in advance.

    In some cases, it’s possible to earn 6 intracurricular ECTS because the credits can be integrated into an existing programme component – for example, a practical internship or elective. It’s up to the programme whether or not to offer this.

    How much time does it take to participate?
    You’ll spend an average of 6-10 hours a week on Dream Team activities. In consultation with the team, you’re free to spend more or less time on the assignment, but it’s not the intention that you stop in the meantime.

    What are the selection criteria? Do I need good grades?
    Selection is primarily based on your motivation. Knowledge and expertise relating to the topic of the Dream Team are also considered. Furthermore, we aim to bring students from different study programmes together in a team. Do you have contagious enthusiasm and an enterprising attitude? If so, this could work to your advantage! Grades and study progress may also be taken into account in the selection process (as a secondary factor).

    What’s the duration of a Dream Team?
    A Dream Team is active for one academic year. In September, we ask for a bit of extra time to orient the new team and to give the programme a good start.

    Does a Dream Team have funding at their disposal?
    Yes, every Dream Team receives seed capital. We also expect you to look for sponsors and financiers yourself, which is part of the learning process.

    Does it matter which study programme I’m doing? 
    No, whichever study programme you’re following, you can make a meaningful contribution from any discipline.

    What’s the working language of the team?
    Dutch or English – you decide among yourselves.

    Where do the Dream Teams carry out their activities?
    The Dream Teams have their own shared space in the W&N building.

    Where can I go with further questions?  
    Email your questions to

  • Contact

    Do you have a question for one of the Dream Teams? An idea on how you can contribute? Do you want to join one of the teams next year, or just want to stay informed? We'd love to hear from you! Send an email to and we will contact you.

  • Experiences of previous students

    “I discovered that if you really go for something together, you can achieve a lot. Believing that creates a lot of energy and confidence among your teammates and yourself. I now have the courage to delegate to people instead of thinking ‘I'll do it myself’. Ambassadors, your team made up of students from all kinds of programmes and all different years: everyone helps to share knowledge and experiences, and I learned a lot from that. It also made me more flexible. I now think in terms of solutions instead of problems.”
    Kristel den Engelsman, Fourth-year student of Human Movement Sciences – deputy manager PULSE Racing Dream Team

    “Working within the PULSE Dream Team is a very valuable experience. The translation of theory into practice is educational and also a lot of fun. I’m using my scientific knowledge in a different way, but I’m also learning how to manage and organize a company. PULSE has given me insight into what is possible with my education. I have also learned how important working in a multidisciplinary team can be.”
    Birgit Kaman, MSc Human Movement Sciences and former Dream Team

    “I thought it was a great experience! You learn to work together and give and receive constructive criticism. You’re part of an interesting network and are well supervised by the Demonstrator Lab and two professors. The result? Together with Jellinek and 3D, we organised an information session on drugs and substances. We also came up with a plan to make the stairwell in the Main Building more attractive, so that students and employees take the stairs more often. So ProFit!”
    Anouk Raanhuis, Second-year Bachelor’s student of Health Sciences – chair of the ProFit! Dream Team 2022-2023

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