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Inspiration by imagination

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences conducts internationally renowned research and provides inspiring teaching.

Our Department
We aim to inspire through imagination and vision, within a safe and stimulating environment. We believe that challenging existing theories contributes to a better world. We push the boundaries of our knowledge in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences to pass it on to future generations.

Our Core Values
Inspiration, Interdisciplinary & Collegial Collaboration, and Curiosity.

Our Research Areas
Welcome to our captivating world of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, where groundbreaking research and innovation converge in diverse areas. Our department boasts rich research endeavors, including Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Synthesis, and Analytical Chemistry. Within these domains, we offer engaging opportunities for scientific excellence.

Explore Medicinal Chemistry, where we unravel molecular mysteries and design therapeutic solutions. Dive into Computational Chemistry, revealing complex structures for materials and drug advancements.

Experience Synthesis, where creativity and precision yield materials and pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Enter Analytical Chemistry, unveiling matter's mysteries and offering insights into universal processes.

Beyond these, we delve into Quantum Mechanical Theory and Innovation. Here, quantum principles inspire pioneering research.

Our Education
Passionate educators lead our extensive bachelor and master programs. We emphasize personal connections, fostering skills for successful scientific careers. Challenging projects empower students in our prestigious O2 research building. Master's students engage in 9-month research, often resulting in publications.

Chemistry programs, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, offer unique joint degrees. Our Farmaceutische Wetenschappen program lays drug development foundations. The Drug Discovery & Safety master's and Science, Business & Innovation program follow, focusing on societal well-being.

Dedicated staff contribute to programs like Medische Natuur Wetenschappen, fostering interdisciplinary learning. We empower students to explore, engage in research, and excel in a dynamic scientific landscape.

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