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Prepare for a career in Biomolecular Life Sciences

Meet the molecular mechanisms behind biology in the Biomolecular Sciences Master’s programme at VU Amsterdam

Are you interested in the molecular mechanisms behind major health problems, such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s? What about their impact on antibiotics or food production? 

The overarching goals and practical benefits of the Master's programme Biomolecular Sciences at VU Amsterdam.

The overarching goals:

  • Gain deep understanding of the fundamentals of life at a biomolecular level.
  • Understand how biomolecular knowledge is used to prevent and cure diseases and build a better environment.
  • Learn how to combine multidisciplinary practical and bioinformatic approaches to do cutting edge research.
  • Achieve breakthroughs in molecular, pharmaceutical and life sciences, through fundamental understanding of molecules and their interaction with biological systems, humans and the environment.

Practical benefits:

  • Two full-time research projects 
  • Closely affiliated with the Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences
  • Academic skill development and career orientation

Discover your Biomolecular Sciences programme

Discover your Biomolecular Sciences programme

You’ll learn about research topics, as well as working with cutting-edge techniques and equipment in order to conduct your research.

The VU Amsterdam’s large network of partners at AIMMS and Amsterdam Research will give you the opportunity to attend top-quality guest lectures. The start of your research career will already be embedded within the diverse local life sciences community.

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