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The ethics behind medical decisions

Tackle healthcare’s hardest dilemmas

What are the ethical considerations behind palliative care and euthanasia? Where do we draw the line between preventing serious handicaps in children and creating “designer babies”? Who determines whether a patient’s personality has changed after neurological surgery?

The field of bioethics has surged in recent years due to breakthroughs in medicine and technological advances. But these have also led to new and puzzling questions – not just for scientists and doctors but for society as a whole.

In the Philosophy, Bioethics and Health specialisation of the two-year Master’s in Philosophy, you’ll tackle challenging ethical and philosophical questions in the context of medicine and health. This is truly a programme for today’s evolving world.

Philosophy, Bioethics and Health is one of the tracks of the master’s programme in Philosophy. Find more information about the other tracks here.

On this page you can find the frequently asked questions about the combination of the master Philosophy, Bioethics and Health and a master’s in Medicine (coschappen) (Dutch version of the FAQ).

Discover your Philosophy, Bioethics and Health programme

Discover your Philosophy, Bioethics and Health programme

This Master’s programme is especially designed for students with a health-related background – such as health sciences, medicine, psychology or biomedical sciences – and a deep interest in the ethics behind medicine and health. It’s a challenging proposition because you’ll follow another Master’s programme at the same time, meaning that you can come out with two Master’s degrees – one in Philosophy and another in a health-related subject. A unique selling point, as you’ll have an all-round training that’s both broad and deep – as well as being a very attractive offer for future employers, like healthcare organizations. 

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