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In the Philosophy master's programme, you ask philosophical questions in relation to a specific field of science. Through critical thinking and careful argumentation you learn to unravel scientific positions down to the level of hidden presuppositions. Something that is increasingly needed these days.

This two-year MA programme integrates expert knowledge of a specific scientific discipline with philosophical reflection. It consists of introductory courses in philosophy, courses in the philosophy of a particular scientific field and courses in your scientific discipline. The programme enables students to deepen and expand their previously acquired knowledge of medical science, neuroscience, or Law through philosophical theories and concepts. It also allows them to obtain a degree in philosophy and a degree in a specific scientific discipline.

The master's programme in Philosophy at VU Amsterdam offers three specialization programmes. Click on one of the specializations below for more information.

  • Philosophy of Law and Governance (English) is designed especially for Bachelors in Law with interest in the foundations of contemporary Western systems of positive law. 
  • Philosophy of Neuroscience (English) focuses on the conceptual foundations and the broader implications of neuroscientific research from different philosophical perspectives. 
  • Philosophy, Bioethics and Health (English) equips you with the theoretical and practical tools to deal with ethical issues in health care.