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The ethics behind medical decisions

As a graduate in Philosophy, Bioethics and Health, you’ll have excellent analytical, reflective and reasoning skills.

You’ll be experienced in making well thought-out arguments in both written papers and oral presentations. You’ll be able to stand your ground in a debate, but also take on board others’ points of view – finding a way through deeply held conflicting opinions, and combining insights from different scientific disciplines into one coherent argument.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Make meaningful connections

Whatever you decide to specialise in, this programme with help you strengthen your offering to future employers. For instance, if you become a medical doctor, you can combine your clinical work with a position on the medical ethical committee; if you become a psychiatrist, you can make meaningful connections between ethics and psychology.

Various job opportunities

Graduates from the programme have gone on to do many different things: some have obtained PhD positions at VU Amsterdam, VU Medical Centre or other universities. Some have become researchers – for example at the Rathenau Institute, a technology assessment organisation. Some have gone on to work as clinical ethicists or advisors to the management and board within healthcare organisations, health insurance companies, medical ethical committees and other organisations dealing with societal and ethical issues in healthcare. And others have become policymakers for government departments.

Where has the programme Philosophy, Bioethics and Health taken us?