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Special Interest Groups

Last updated on 17 December 2021
VU NT&L supports groups of lecturers and employees to stimulate knowledge exchange and the development of best practices, so called Special Interest Groups (SIGs). At this moment there are SIGs for the development of the online programmes Perusall and Feedbackfruits.

But there are more topics where knowledge exchange and best practices are important to innovate the education and to improve the educational quality. Please tell us your idea for a new SIG by sending an e-mail to the VU Education Lab. Any wild idea can be a winner!

If you want to start a SIG, the VU Education Lab will help you to find fellow interested people. The VU Education Lab also offers €500.– per year for the costs of drinks, a speaker and for example a trip to a conference. We will also support you in practical things such as booking locations and establishing a mailing list.

In return, we ask you to make a small plan with information about the SIG and what you want to do, to organise a meeting of the SIG (at least twice a year) and to give a report of the activities and the developments at the end of the year.

VU Special Interest Groups

  • FeedbackFruits

    FeedbackFruits offers a number of Canvas plugins with an intuitive interface. The tools support the entire process of teacher or peer feedback from submission of the work to reflection on the feedback received. The tools offer teachers the flexibility to set up (peer) feedback assignments to suit their own teaching. A dashboard provides the instructor with an overview of each student’s progress and gives the instructor the opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. Within the FeedbackFruits licence there are also tools with which you can make videos, documents, presentations, and audio files interactive by adding questions to them and/or allowing students to discuss them.

    Sign up for the VU FeedbackFruits SIG (preferably with your VU email address) to share questions and answers.

  • Perusall

    Perusall is an online tool where students collectively study texts online and help each other study. The teacher uploads a PDF document into a web environment and places students in groups. These groups then study the material prior to, for example, lectures. By making notes in the PDF document and answering each other’s questions, they help each other. The teacher can see in a dashboard what activities students have undertaken while studying the information.

    Sign up for the VU Perusall SIG (preferably with your VU email address) to share questions and answers.

  • University Library Educational Support

    With the University Library (UB) Educational Support SIG you are always up to date with the services of the university library to support education. Together, we can explore innovations or find answers to questions about the use of educational resources. Our goal is to make educational resources accessible, to store them in a sustainable way or to develop them into open access material. We regularly organize informative meetings to share new developments with interested parties.

    The UB Educational Support SIG is focused on the following themes:

    • Developing and using Open Educational Resources: At the University Library, we help with the creation, storage, organization, and accessibility of OERs, for example knowledge clips or open textbooks created by you.
    • copyRIGHT-tool: The copyRIGHT tool is a plug-in in development for Canvas and provides quick and easy advice on the appropriate copyright use of educational materials in the teaching-learning environment.
    • Reading List Manager: Want to share educational literature with students in a convenient way via Canvas? We are investigating which reading list manager or other options might be the solution.
    • 3D-printing: The added value of printed 3D objects lies in making delicate study material accessible. Large objects can also be made available in a manageable size.
    • Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to collaborate in different situations or to make educational material accessible in a unique way. PleitVRij is a VR-project we offer support.
    • Gamification: The University Library helps students develop their information skills by using an 'Escape Room'. The University Library can contribute to the development of educational materials based on Gamification models.

    Interested? Sign up (preferably with your VU email address) for the UB Educational Support SIG via:, to stay informed and share questions and answers.

  • SIGs in the making

    3D, VR, Augmented and MobilitySylvia Moes (UB)
    Blended LearningLuuk ter Beek (BETA)
    Marijke Leijdekkers (FGB)
    Community Service LearningMarjolein Zweekhorst (BETA)
    Innovations in Digital AuditingSilvester Draaijer (VU NT&L)
    Learning SpacesErik Boon (FCO AVC)
    Educational amplification for small and large groupsHester Glasbeek (LEARN! Academy)
    Online VideoErik Boon (FCO AVC)
    Admission PolicyHayke Everwijn (SOZ OKP)
    Tutoring and MentoringGerhard van de Bunt (VU NT&L)

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