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VU press office

The press officers of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are the first point of contact for journalists. They coordinate the handling of incoming media requests and arrange all outgoing communications with the media. That includes, for instance, communication concerning scientific and policy information and more general communication. The press officers also advise academics and administrators on their contacts with the media.

Press officers

The press officers of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam can be contacted by telephone and by email at

If you have any questions about a specific academic area, please contact one of the faculty press officers:

  • Science
    Annemiek Simons: +31 (0)20 5989099 / +31 (0)6 25763103 / (Absent on Friday)
    Nena Speets: +31 (0)20 5988329 / +31 (0)6 34192889 / (Absent March 27-31, replaced by Annemiek Simons)
    Talissa Willard +31 (0)20 59 80059 / 06 81388707 / (Absent on Friday)
  • Law
    Annika Moerkens: +31 (020) 5989898 / 06 34188609 / (Absent on Wednesday)
  • Social Sciences
    Ciska Schippers : +31 (020) 5982605 / 06 18869648 / (Absent on Friday)
  • Humanities
    Behavioural and Movement Sciences
    Doede van der Hoeven: +31 (020) 5982726 / 06 24505895 / (Absent on Wednesday)
  • Religion and Theology
    Edmé Koorstra: 06 81388803 / (Absent on Friday)
  • School of Business and Economics
    Mika Linse: 06 81388961 / 
  • Medicine
    Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc: +31 (020) 4443444 /
  • Dentistry
    Press ACTA

VU newsletter and press releases

A VU newsletter is published once every two weeks with science news and the PhD agenda. Journalists and other interested parties can sign up for the press list.

Photo and film recordings

Anyone who wants to photograph or film on the grounds of VU Amsterdam needs permission to do so. You request this with the following form. Request this permission at least one week before the desired date. If we receive your request for permission too late, please print the permission form so that you can indicate that you have permission for filming or photographing.

VU logo

All information about our logo you can find here.

Media attention for PhD defence or inaugural lecture 

VU Press Office sends out the digital Science Newsletter every two weeks, in which we bring all PhD defences and inaugural lectures to the attention of the media. To do this as well as possible, we ask you to fill in the form (PhD defence form or inaugural lecture form). We will also place this summary (after coordination with you) in the  events calendar of the VU website.