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Photography and video

If you want to take photographs or shoot a video on the VU Amsterdam campus, then you must obtain permission by completing and submitting the form below. Applications have to be submitted by both external applicants and VU employees.

Request for permission

You are kindly requested to submit your application at least one week prior to the date on which you would like to take photographs or shoot a video. Applications received less than a week before this date can not be approved.

You are also expected to comply with the following rules for photography and video:

  • Do not disrupt teaching or research-related processes.
  • Individuals who are clearly recognizable in photographs or videos must give permission by signing a consent form or a quitclaim. You are required to provide and register these forms yourself.
  • If specific facilities are needed, a fee may be charged. Examples are the use of specific rooms, hiring security guards, help from VU employees, or the installation of facilities.

For public events such as PhD ceremonies, inaugural speeches and degree awards ceremonies, permission is granted for private photographs and videos by the person in charge of the ceremony. You are required to follow their instructions in these situations.

If your request has been granted, we kindly request that you include the following information in the publication of your images or video: this product has been created in cooperation with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

No permission

Requests can be denied if:

  • They are contrary to VU Amsterdam's basic principles.
  • The political message or meaning is at odds with VU Amsterdam's views and ideals.
  • They disrupt any teaching, research, or operational activities at the university.
  • The images or video are for a commercial agency or a commercial purpose, that the university has no relationship with or wants no relationship with.
  • The purpose or the goal of the material is offensive, objectionable, or discriminatory or may be perceived that way.
  • VU Amsterdam is only used as a location, with no connection or links to our teaching and research.

If permission has not been granted, security will ask you to stop filming or taking photographs and you may be removed from the VU Amsterdam campus.

Quitclaim photo and film recordings

This form should be used to obtain permission from the persons in the photographs or the video.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact the Facilities Servicedesk by email at or by telephone at +31 (0)20 598 5777 (open Mon-Fri from 08:30-17:00).

Request permission for photography and video