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With the VUfonds, we appeal to everyone who cares about Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and endorses the importance of education and research that can contribute to a better world.

Since its foundation, VU has stood for value-driven education and research. We have everything in house to contribute, together with our scientists and students, to a better world for people and planet. But if you want to make a difference as a university, the support of private individuals is indispensable nowadays. This is why VU and VUvereniging have jointly established the VUfonds, thereby returning to the philanthropic foundation of the university.

Projects that deserve attention

Leaving a gift to VUfonds in your will

An increasing number of individuals opt to leave donations to charity. Not everyone is aware that it's also viable to grant assets to a university. This is the reason why Dutch university funds initiate a collective promotional drive in November 2023 to highlight leaving gifts in a will towards scientific endeavors. The VUfonds is actively participating in this endeavor.

Discover further information about leaving a gift in your will

Request the national magazine and/or the VU brochure regarding legacies for the university (in Dutch)

Contribute to research on Long-covid

Many people know someone in their surroundings who has long-term post-covid symptoms. Often, patients with the so-called post-covid syndrome, also called Long-covid, cannot function as they did before for a long time. Post-covid syndrome is therefore an important problem for society.

Support research into Long-covid and donate to the VUfonds.

Would you like to know more?

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on behalf of the VUvereniging-VUfonds, Amsterdam