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VUfonds starts crowdfunding campaign for research into Long covid

7 July 2022
Often, patients with Long-covid (post-covid syndrome) cannot function as before for a long time. In addition, they have a variety of complaints, such as reduced strength or other muscle-related limitations. This has a great impact on the daily lives of people with Long-covid, their environment and society.

The VUfonds has therefore started a crowdfunding action for research in the Muscle Lab of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). Besides the cause of muscle-related complaints, possible tools for treatment will be developed. We hope for your contribution at

New treatment route
By better understanding the muscle-related complaints and applying targeted medication, the researchers hope to improve the quality of life of patients. In this way, their research makes a direct contribution to society. VU assistant professor of muscle metabolism Rob Wüst: "Many people know someone in their surroundings who has long-term complaints after covid. Our goal is to find a treatment plan as quickly as possible to reduce muscle-related complaints in patients with Long-covid."                                                                 

Muscle Lab
In the VU's Muscle Lab, researchers look through a microscope for changes in the muscle tissue of patients with Long-covid. Their blood is also searched for an explanation of the worsening of their symptoms on exertion. Wüst works closely with clinicians, immunologists and pathologists at Amsterdam UMC and elsewhere in the Netherlands.

More research and cooperation
In cooperation with professor Michele van Vugt and Brent Appelman of the Post-Covid Clinic of the Amsterdam UMC, Wüst focuses on a better understanding of muscle-related complaints in patients with Long-covid. At the moment the project is being carried out by students of the Research Master Human Movement Sciences. More information and donations: