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Safety at VU Amsterdam

Our university has an open and welcoming campus, and we play an active role in identifying, preventing and mitigating security risks.

Are you prepared?
Add the VU Amsterdam-emergency number 020-598 2222 to your contacts. 

Check wat you can do: 

Safety at VU Amsterdam

  • VU emergency contact numbers and campus evacuation plan

  • VU campus safety is assured trough various measures

    • 24-hour CCTV surveillance in and around university buildings.
    • 24-hour security on campus, and most buildings also have hostesses. The security staff and the hostesses are hospitable and vigilant and are trained to spot and report different situations and circumstances. 
    • For questions or notifications, employees, students and visitors can contact all receptions or hostesses in the buildings and to the Security Desk located in the basement of the VU Main Building (KC-04).
  • Tips to prevent incidents

    1. Bring as few valuables as possible to the university.
    2. Do not leave valuables in plain sight; take them with you or place them in a locker/locked room.
    3. Do not leave confidential information unattended.
    4. Lock your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and PC with a strong PIN code or password.
    5. Log out of your PC or laptop when you leave, even if only momentarily.
  • VU campus safety and security reporting centre

    In addition to emergency situations, other situations in which employees or students might not feel safe are also conceivable. A Campus Safety and Security Reporting Centre has been set up for reporting unsafe situations. You should use the university network to reach the safety and security reporting centre, you cannot reach the form via 4/5G.

    Any reports of incidents of social injustice or physical abuse or injury, unsafe situations or threats made in person or online can be reported to this office or on this hotline and will be treated as confidential. You will always receive a reply. Appropriate measures are taken to resolve the situation where possible and prevent repetition. The Campus Safety and Security Reporting Centre is also used to monitor the sense of security on campus. In addition, in the context of shared responsibility, active cooperation has commenced with external bodies such as the police and the municipality.

  • Information security

    The Security and Operations Control Center of VU Amsterdam investigates and coordinates matters pertaining to information security incidents involving staff, students and/or systems at VU Amsterdam. This applies to incidents that appear to have originated within VU Amsterdam, and incidents whereby the university is the victim.

    In the event of a breach of security (or a suspected breach of security), you should contact SOCC immediately at

  • Integrated safety management vision

    VU Amsterdam does everything it can to protect the VU community from cybercrime, but when it comes to maintaining our defenses the university‚Äôs employees and students are vital links. We can bolt the door, but if someone accidentally leaves a window open, cybercriminals will find a way in. And we may not even notice anything.

    Find out what you can do yourself - and what you should do if things did go wrong - on the Information security page.

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