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Security at VU Amsterdam

As well as guarding the VU campus, the Security department provides additional obligatory security during special events, and advises on security issues.

VU Amsterdam wishes to promote openness and accessibility for students, staff and visitors. The security officers contribute to the sense of security on campus by patrolling all public and unmonitored areas throughout the day.

The Security department can be contacted at the reception points of the various VU buildings. The Security desk is in the basement (KC-04) of the VU Main Building. Security employees carry out surveillance 24 hours a day in every VU building and on campus. Their duties involve monitoring, identifying any problems, and keeping records.

Contact with Security

You can contact Security through

  • by phone (always available): +31 (0)20 5985854
  • the reception desks
  • FCO Service Desk: +31 (0)20 5985777

Reporting an incident

You can report an incident (e.g. theft or suspicious activity) to one of the reception desks or to the Security desk in the Main Building (location KC04): +31 (0)20 5985854.

Do you want to report theft or burglary (damage)?

Reporting an emergency

In case of an accident, fire or other unsafe situation on campus, call +31 (0)20 5982222.

How does Security work?

  • Lost and found

    Lost or found something on the VU Campus grounds/in one of our buildings?

    • Hand in lost and found items to one of the receptions or guest ladies.
    • The security department registers all objects on iLost. iLost is a company specialized in the field of found objects with the ambition to return lost objects as much as possible to their owners.
    • Go to iLost and immediately see if the missing item has been found and where it can be collected (seven days a week).
    • Security actively searches for owners of valuable items but after three months the found items are handed over to the municipality of Amsterdam.

    Theft and missing persons

    • Always report theft or loss to one of the receptions. Standard declaration forms [PDF in Dutch] are available there. The security department can be reached by phone outside opening hours.
    • In case of theft of private property, also report the theft to the police by telephone: T 0900 8844.
    • In the event of theft of VU property and theft involving burglary, the security department will report to the police.
    • In the event of burglary or theft outside working hours, the security department will inform the department or person concerned. The police will then contact you.
  • Surveillance cameras

    Surveillance cameras and video recordings are used on the VU campus as tools for the security of people and possessions. The use of surveillance cameras on campus is indicated with the help of stickers and signs on the site and in the buildings. The purpose of the surveillance cameras is prevention and deterrence, but they are also used for monitoring. This means that an imminent or potential incident or emergency can be seen from the control room. Part of the preventive effect is of course achieved as a result of potential perpetrators being aware of the presence of the cameras and realizing that the images can serve as evidence later. 

    Camera images are only analysed if there is a reason to do so (such as in the event of theft or violence); this is subject to strict conditions. These are listed in the VU Amsterdam Camera Monitoring Regulations.

  • Access control

    Physical access control to buildings is important. The need to regulate access for individuals to faculties and services has become increasingly important over the years. Access management is therefore arranged on campus via key policy and access cards. Card readers are therefore installed in many buildings and parts of the building.

    Access passes are registered by name. In the event of a missing pass, the access to the areas involved can be adequately changed and those involved are informed. The issuance of keys to technicians and cleaning companies is strictly regulated through an electronic issuance and monitoring system.

    The Personal Data Protection Act applies to the personal data that become available during electronic access control, in combination with the privacy standards of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The data is explicitly not used to monitor individuals themselves. The information is only used as an aid in resolving serious incidents.

    For questions about access to a building, please contact Access Management FCO. (Opening hours Access Management: 09.00 - 16.00 hrs).

  • Access passes

    Access pass for students and employees

    • Students cannot apply for an access pass.
    • Board members of student or study associations can request an access pass through their study secretariat.
    • Employees can find information on access passes here.

    Access pass for people with a disability

    All buildings are wheelchair-accessible. Most buildings have one or more wheelchair-accessible lifts. These are equipped with an intercom and cameras so that wheelchair users can report to the reception if necessary. Students who need to use a wheelchair can request a pass for these entrances from their study secretariat.

  • Emergency exits

    In order to guarantee safety in the buildings in the event of a calamity, all emergency doors and escape doors are equipped with an automatic opening system with a signal for illegal use. In the event of an emergency, all doors are unlocked and can be opened manually. The sliding doors are equipped with an emergency power supply so that they slide open in the event of an emergency. This is even safer in panic situations.

  • Do you need advice on security?

    Do you have any questions or comments about security, or do you need advice? If so, please contact the Security department. Costs may be payable for detailed advice. This should be agreed upon in consultation with the Head of the Security department, Phone: 020 59 85854.

  • Telephone numbers reception desks


  • Security during events

    Additional security and monitoring are compulsory during major or special events, with the Security department determining what level of security is required. The Security department always looks at the following aspects:

    • the type of festivity
    • the number of people
    • how long the event will continue after closing time
    • the presence of VIPs
    • the political or social significance of the demonstration

    The standard prices can all be found in the price list (in Dutch).

  • Give notice of events or activities in advance

    The Security department must be notified of every activity and event on campus. This is to ensure that they are able to respond properly in the event of an emergency or accident. If the Security department deems surveillance to be necessary, then the costs of this will be charged to the organizers.

    Bear in mind that your activity or event must meet the application criteria (in Dutch).

    Requesting security for an event or activity

    Please note that your activity/event must meet application criteria.

  • Do you need additional measures during an event?

    That can be arranged. Mention this no later than 7 working days before the event on the Events application form (in Dutch). Costs are payable for this additional service; these must be agreed in advance, and you will receive the invoice later from FCO.

  • Price list (in Dutch)

    The Security Department provides 24-hour surveillance of the VU Campus. Additional security or surveillance is required at large or special events. The required security is assessed by the Security Department as it depends on the nature of the event.

    The standard prices can all be found in the price list (in Dutch).

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