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Energy Coordination Center

The Energy Center has the important task of supplying the VU and the VUmc with energy.

Van der Boechorststraat 5
1081 BT Amsterdam

Alarm number: 22222 (Only within the VU) or 020 598 2222
Telephone number: 020 59 85810 (reception)

The Energy Coordination Center (CCE) was built between 1967-1977. It was intended to incinerate waste from VU Amsterdam, whereby the energy released was used to heat VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC - location VUmc.

Today, the Energy Center still supplies energy to VU and Amsterdam UMC - location VUmc. Natural gas is still being used to generate electricity and heat. The CCE supplies heat with high temperature (170 °C) for applications such as humidification, sterilization and cooking, and with low temperature (135 °C) for heating buildings. But it also supplies cold (6 °C) for the climate control of the buildings. In addition, the CCE supplies gases and compressed air for the VUmc and for laboratories and natural gas for laboratories.

Fossil free
VU Amsterdam cooperates with Amsterdam UMC - location VUmc to be fossil-free in 2035, which is 100% natural gas-free in combination with 100% sustainably generated electricity. In the field of energy supply, VU is working on reducing energy demand and optimizing efficiency.

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