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Last updated on 16 May 2023
With Perusall you create an attractive interactive digital learning experience with a rich form of feedback and peer feedback.

Perusall is an addition to VU's digital learning environment Canvas. Where Canvas offers basic functionalities, Perusall offers a social learning platform where students can study texts or videos in groups of up to 20 students. The teacher can indicate that students must meet a minimum number, spread and quality of content comments.


Perusall is very suitable to support active blended learning and fits very well in the Flipped Classroom approach to education design. With Perusall you can give students specific assignments to prepare for lectures or workgroups. As a teacher you can follow what the students do and where they still have problems with the material. During the lecture or workgroup, Perusall allows you to go into depth much faster.

  • Makes the content interactive
  • Promotes social learning
  • Students can add questions and comments to any document
  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Automatic quality estimation of student contributions

More information

All information about the use of Perusall such as access to Perusall, instructions, use-cases, applications, GDPR guidelines, copyright and FAQs can be found on the Perusall Canvas page. Do you want to inform students about the use of Perusall? Visit the Perusall page for students

FeedbackFruits versus Perusall

FeedbackFruits and Perusall have partly similar functionalities. Teachers often ask which application is the most suitable. The answer is not easy. But there is a clear comparison table that gives a good overview of the differences. That overview can be downloaded here.

Additional applications

Complementary to Canvas, VU offers the more specialized educational applications and tools that are usually integrated into Canvas. Examples are the plagiarism detection system Ouriginal (formerly known as Urkund) or Perusall. Look here for an overview of all applications and tools currently available at VU.