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Show & Share videos teaching innovations colleagues and students

Last updated on 17 January 2024
Get inspired by VU colleagues and students about their major educational innovations, small improvements and lessons learned. Watch the videos of the VU Show & Share event below.

UB experts on Open Science and Learning materials

Sylvia Moes, Cees van Gent, Sjors Keijzer and Sander Bosch present their inspiring pitches about their innovations in open science. Watch their video's here

Jessica Hill

Law teacher Jessica Hill, sees that her students bring a variety of perspectives to her Law, Society and Criminology, and Statistics 1 courses. She likes to let them learn from each other by letting them collaborate and discuss with the Mixed Classroom Educational Model. Watch the video here.

Esther van Zandwijk

Esther van Zandwijk responds to first-year's expectations by turning their first course inside out, and preparing them better for the academic environment. The students no longer start by just consuming knowledge in the lecture hall, but are given more personal commitment, engage in reflection and self-responsibility. Watch the video here.

Wilfred Boele

Wilfred Boele lets his students make their own knowledge clips to for better engagement with the subject policy and decision-making. Watch the video here.

Tommy Pattij

Medicine students want more experience with scientific literature. Teacher Tommy Pattij therefore encourages its use in their course assignments. Watch the video here

Karen Verduijn

According to Karen Verduijn, current entrepreneurship education is too focused on starting up a business, while entrepreneurship is also needed in a broader sense for creative solutions to contemporary problems such as those related to climate. Contemporary problems require creative thinking, which is why Karen Verduijn of the School of Business and Economics, is developing new entrepreneurship education. Watch the video here.  

Madison Carr

Professional research encounter all sorts of challenges in their daily work. How do you help prepare your students for this? Madison Carr supports them with her course for academic professionalization. Watch the video here.  

Maurits de Klepper

University College students do not easily find internships. That is why teacher Maurits de Klepper encourages social entrepreneurship, such as starting a foundation themselves or teaching English to refugees. Watch the video here.

Emma Timmermans

Students work better together with the collaboration toolbox of students Emma Timmermans, Ronak Bhatnagar and Dionne Spaltman. Collaboration is an important skill during studies and later on in the job market, but how do you learn it? Watch the video here.  

Mathijs Hofmijster

Students are more involved in the course when the form of testing matches the objective, according to teacher Matthijs Hofmijster. He has changed his course, no longer uses exams and tests in other ways. How does he do that? Watch the video here.

Jorim Tielbeek

Improving education or developing new courses is something Jorim Tielbeek does together with his students in the Rebuilding Education course. For instance, his second-year students developed the subject Law & Love - Rebuilding justice, for their third year of study. How did he do this? Watch the video here.

Marieke Slootman

For increased engagement, inclusivity and accessibility, Marieke Slootman developed e-inclusion guidelines that ensure every student feels welcome. Which five pillars does she recommend for this? Watch the video here.

Odes and photos

View the photos and read the odes to the teacher made during the day here.

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