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Show & Share videos teaching innovations open science

Last updated on 17 January 2024
Get inspired by VU colleagues about their major educational innovations, small improvements and lessons learned on open science. Watch the videos of the VU Show & Share event below.

Sylvia Moes offers students a richer learning experience through VR

Making your plea in a virtual courtroom as a law student, or walking around the human body before practicing surgery as a medical student - Virtual Reality offers students a richer learning experience. That is why Sylvia Moes, education innovation manager at the University Library, is engaged in its development. 

Sander Bosch promotes open science with a new programme

Open science coordinator Sander Bosch, from the University Library, brings together initiatives around open science at the VU in a new programme, to make scientific knowledge more publicly available and accessible. In this way, he promotes the pillars: quality, integrity, the collective interest, diversity and inclusiveness, equity and equality. 

Sylvia Moes helps teachers create a good mix of learning materials

Which learning materials support which learning objectives and activities? Sylvia Moes and her colleagues developed an interactive wheel that gives teachers insight into this, based on Bloom's Taxonomy. She also offers a step-by-step plan for teachers to create open textbooks, and a step-by-step plan for librarians to support them in this. 

Sjors Keijzer supports teachers in developing and using open learning materials

How do you find, use and adapt open learning materials? Sjors Keijzer of the University Library supports teachers in this with the Open Science programme. He does this via the new Surf platform Edusources, among others. 

Sylvia Moes offers students more insight into heritage objects by 3D printing them

You can't just study a four-thousand-year-old clay nail as a student because the object is too fragile. That is why Sylvia Moes has heritage objects 3D printed. This way, students can still see the objects up close, and teachers can also easily take them to other locations. 

Cees van Gent wants teachers to understand copyright of learning materials

As a teacher, how do you know whether or not you can put learning materials on Canvas, considering copyright? Cees van Gent is working with Surf and fellow institutions on the new Copyright Tool, which provides insight into this. 

Open Science Show & Share 2022

Watch all video's on the VU Education Lab Youtube playlist.

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