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A Better World@VU

A Better World at VU

In the exhibition A Better World@VU, VU staff and students showcase sustainability projects and initiatives that contribute to a better world.

Making our planet a better place is a major challenge. We still have a long way to go if we are to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) by 2030. The urgency of the situation is not lost on the staff and student community at VU Amsterdam. We are continually exploring ways in which education can contribute to achieving these goals. After all, it is our mission to take responsibility for people and the planet.

In the exhibition A Better World@VU, we showcase 16 projects by VU staff and students. They share their vision and solutions for a more sustainable world, both on campus and beyond. Each project is linked to one or more SDG's. They are projects that inspire and motivate; that spark reflection as well as action. Initiatives that make a difference.

Join researchers Fleur van Crimpen and Lina Madaj on a trip to the Arctic coast and find out why they are studying the matter released from permafrost. Discover with student Beatrice Guastella how a 3D mathematical model can reduce the need for laboratory animals in drug research. Or how the Ecosia Challenge is contributing to tree planting around the world. 

“Be inspired by the videos, podcasts and interviews that bring the work of VU staff and students to life.”

Projects in the spotlight

Podcast: CO₂-assistant

How we interact with nature and our environment has a major impact on our physical and mental health. However, this is largely neglected in the current medical curriculum. That has to change, according to medical students Sarah, Philip, Gabrielle and the rest of the Planetary Health team. 

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Interview: Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures focuses on creating hopeful prospects for refugee students in Lebanon’s Bekaa region. Teachers from the LEARN! Academy and local institutions join forces to offer educational programmes and psychosocial support. 

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Eroding Arctic Coastlines

In Eroding Arctic Coastlines, Fleur van Crimpen, Dr Lina Madaj and Dr Jorien Vonk, together with Canadian partner Dustin Whalen, investigate what happens to permafrost material in eroding coastlines. Permafrost contains organic matter that rising temperatures can turn into carbon. 

Strong roots, strong women

Find out how Liselotte Hagedoorn, Dr Toon Haer and Dr Ralph Lasage combine scientific and local knowledge to reduce the impact of flooding in Central Vietnam.

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All projects A Better World@VU

Get to know all sixteen projects of A Better World@VU and be inspired by the interviews, podcasts and videos.

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