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Integrating knowledge for a sustainable future

Amsterdam Sustainability Institute

The Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI) provides an inclusive umbrella for sustainability-related research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ASI promotes cooperation between related but traditionally divided disciplinary approaches across VU faculties. It further builds bridges among VU researchers and governmental, private and cultural stakeholders to increase scientific and societal impact.

Building strong and lasting connections, ASI acts as a knowledge centre for emerging multi- and interdisciplinary research and acquires and provides funding for it.

Our ambition as ASI is to contribute relevant, excellent and impactful science to society, in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

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Want to get to know the faces driving ASI?

In this video, our cluster coordinators and winners of the seed money programme tell more about their projects.

Research Clusters

Deriving from the profile theme of ‘Science for Sustainability’, the ASI research clusters have been developed via a bottom-up process involving both junior and senior researchers. Our 7 research clusters address some of today’s most urgent challenges and are linked to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their membership consists of researchers with various disciplinary backgrounds, engaging in a broad spectrum of activities, often together with societal actors. 

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Seed Money programme

Every year, ASI selects new and innovative research projects at the VU for its seed money with the aim to foster innovative and interdisciplinary research across VU faculties.

Our ambition is to contribute relevant, excellent and impactful science to society, in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond, and to support sustainability research projects.

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Seed Money projects 2022

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