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Graduate School of Humanities

The VU Graduate School of Humanities offers a large selection of Master’s degrees, Research Master’s degrees and PhD programmes, which provides research training for Master’s students and PhD researchers at the highest academic level.

The Graduate School of Humanities is comprised of the following:

  • Master-level teaching
  • Research Master’s programmes
  • PhD research

The Graduate School strives to be a community of young researchers who are challenged to break boundaries in their work. The (Research) students and PhD researchers of VU Amsterdam are internationally oriented and like to explore: they are not afraid of a challenge, they want to engage with disciplines that are not their own and adapting research to the latest developments and needs in society is key.

Research-oriented education is one of the faculty's major aims. The Graduate School enables  all students to take classes from highly qualified teachers and to be directly involved in current research projects. The research master Humanities is specifically tailored to prepare students for a research career. PhD studentsare given extensive supervision and can take courses organized by the Graduate School of Humanities as well as any of the other Graduate Schools at the Vrije Universiteit.  Research Master’s students and PhD students can also take courses with any of the national research schools.

The Graduate School has close relations with the interfaculty research institutes, in which researchers from different faculties collaborate . The interfaculty research institute CLUE+ explores culture, cognition, history and heritage, while HUmanities scholars and computer scientists join forces in the Network Institute. Heritage, health, human language technology, epistemology and environmental humanities are some of the  focal points in the faculty’s teaching and research.

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Career perspectives

Within all programs, a lot of attention is paid to career perspectives. Students can attend guest lectures by invited specialists from relevant industries, follow internships in companies or public institutions, or do research tutorials at heritage-institutions and media companies. Research Master's students follow three core courses  in which they are intensively prepared for a career in academia. They become familiar with interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge utilization. PhD researchers are given the chance to enrol in career-oriented courses. The Graduate School organizes a yearly career event, at which our students and young researchers can meet successful VU alumni, have their cv checked, and participate in workshops that help them prepare for a job search or an interview.

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