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PhD Training

Getting a PhD is more than just conducting a research project. It also allows one to develop, improve or refine academic and transferable skills. The combination of research capabilities and individual skills will prepare one for a career both inside and outside academia. To help identify what skills and competencies to develop or improve, the GSH encourage PhD candidates to take a self-assessment of competence development with the help of the online and free available tool The PhD Competence Model. This tool provides you with the possibility of monitoring your development during your PhD journey.

Training Programme

Each PhD candidate devotes 30 ECTS (840 hours) to education and training. This concerns both education aimed at content, arranged for by the fifteen national research schools (see LOGOS, the Council of Dutch Research Schools in the Humanities) and education in skills, provided in the form of mandatory courses by the Graduate School of Humanities and elective courses and modules offered by amongst others, the University Library, the VU LEARN! Academy, the VU Language Center and the Graduate School of Humanities. The programmes of the GSH and of the national research schools are free and open to all PhD candidates enrolled in the GSH. For PhD’s that started their trajectory after September 1, 2022,


Underlining the importance of scientific integrity and in line with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (NGWI), all VU PhD candidates that started their trajectory after September 1, 2022 are required submit one appropriate product to a plagiarism check in the first phase of the PhD program. A Quick Starting Guide and FAQ page can be found on the University Library's Libguide page.  

Compulsory Courses Graduate School of Humanities

The GSH courses, Research Integrity, Data Management and Key Issue in the Humanities are a compulsory part of your doctoral education. This holds for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities. The GSH offers their mandatory courses once a year, during the first semester.

Research Integrity (2 ECTs)

This course considers what it means to do ‘good’ research, to be a ‘good’ researcher, act with ‘integrity’ and how to approach ethical dilemmas experienced in research? Attention is furthermore paid to the politics of knowledge production and the challenges and opportunities of the current digital and technological developments.

Course convener 2023:Mohammad Hosseini
Dates:Wednesday November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and December 6, 15:30- 17:00
Location: The course will be offered in hybrid format
Registration:Register here
(Please register before October 11, 2023)

Data Management (1,5 ECTs)

In this course you learn how you write a good Data Management Plan (DMP) for your research project. A DMP covers topics such methods used for data collection, licenses, ethical guidelines, storage, and archiving.                      

Course convener 2023: Tycho Hofstra
Dates:Wednesday January 24 and February 14, 12:00-14:00
Location:The course will be offered online
Registration:Register here
(Please register before December 31, 2023)

Key Issues in the Humanities (2ECTs)

This course considers the ‘nature’ of the humanities, the challenges and opportunities of inter- and transdisciplinary, knowledge utilization and societal relevance. The course concludes with a Graduate Seminar for Master’s and Research Master’s students, during which the course participants present on the themes discussed, on Thursday February 8, 2024.

Course conveners 2023:Nathanja van den Heuvel, Annemie Halsema
Dates:  Wednesday October 4, 11, and 25, 14:00- 16:00
Location:  The course will be offered in hybrid format
Registration:Register here
(Please register before September 13, 2023)