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Merging the Critical and the Creative

Research-Creation: Merging the Critical and the Creative

It’s time to rethink your normative ways of thinking!

When asked about the best part of the course, students from the 2023 winter school edition answered: 

“Alexandra was a very good coordinator. She has curated a very interesting program, and adjusted the course along the way when she noticed some of our needs or expectations.”

“there was a welcoming and safe atmosphere for people to learn and communicate.”

“The course lecturer, Alexandra, created a really safe and engaging environment, and we were a great group. It always felt supportive and expansive. I really liked talking to such a wide range of people and seeing a broad spectrum of potential applications of research-creation, and it being online, the participants ranged from Netherlands, to Italy, to New York, to Mexico City so the views we spoke and heard from were really enriching. Also I LOVED the readings so much, as well as the openness and creativity of the assignments. I think overall it's designed really well to use the short time we have as effectively as we can without it becoming so overwhelming that it's desensitizing. We also got lotssss of time to talk about our own projects with Alex and the guest lecturers which I really appreciated. Honestly everything about it was great, I could keep going.”

We are currently not open for applications. We will announce the new course offer in August 2023. Please leave your details to receive the announcement when we open registrations for VU Graduate Winter School 2024.

This online course highlights artistic practice as research, and the act of creation as a form of knowledge in and of itself.

Students will learn about an approach to research that engages artistic expression, scholarly investigation, curiosity, and experimentation.

Course Overview

This online course is part of VU Amsterdam Graduate Winter School online learning, short courses targeted at graduates and professionals.

It is no longer possible to apply for this course as the deadline has passed.

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  • Summer and Winter School Officer
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