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CTL for educational leaders

Education continuously innovates, and so do the people who work in it. For you as a leader, it is important to also keep on developing yourself. To be able to stay true to yourself on the one hand, and on the other to have the flexibility to move with what is required of you in your role as a leader.

Room for identity
At the CTL, we build on you and your strength and individuality as an educational leader. Your ambitions, questions and dilemmas are at the core of our approach. In our programmes we are happy to think along with you, facilitate you where needed and give you ample space to develop and strengthen your personal and collective leadership.

Choose from a variety of inspiring programmes
We offer you a cohesive range of inspiring programmes and personalized support suited to your learning questions. Check out the possibilities:

Leadership development

  • Leadership in the In-Between: Moral Ambitions in Higher Education (page is in Dutch)
    What is the true purpose of higher education and what kind of leadership is needed? In this course we will explore these questions together with other 'emerging leaders'. To build a better world together through higher education.
  • Educational Leadership Course
    The ELC programme will help you to develop into a strategic leader in education. You will learn to lead teams by applying your personal and carefully-considered vision of leadership.
  • Light on Leadership in Education
    Are you leading an education team at the VU Amsterdam and would like to grow as a leader? Are you curious about scientific perspectives on leadership in the context of higher education? In this programme you will grow in your professional leadership through inspiration and exchange with experts and peers. 
  • Masterclass Systemic Educational Leadership: Moving from Within the Invisible Dynamics
    Do you encounter complex situations full of uncertainty, tension or sometimes even conflict? Or do you experience conflicting loyalties from your different roles as educational leader, teacher or scientist? Do you want to gain insight into how to create clarity and movement in your situation? Then follow this master class.
  • Starting Day voor Program Directors (page is in Dutch)
    Annual kick-off day for program directors where we explore how you can make your mark on the program. 

Team development

  • Building Strong Educational Teams
    How do you create a strong team in education? As a leader, how do you provide space while maintaining leadership? These (and many others) are the questions we will dwell on in this inspirational and hands-on programme to support your development of leadership and team building skills.
  • Inclusive Leadership Workshops - a Mixed Classroom Approach
    How can you, as an educational leader, sensitize your team, engage with the perspectives every member brings to the table, and ultimately optimize teaching and learning? The programme consists of three interactive two-hour sessions and is based on the VU Mixed Classroom Educational Model. 

Coaching & reflection

  • Leadership Coaching
    Leadership coaching can offer you support in the specific situations you encounter, so that you, as a leader in education, are firmly in the saddle and comfortable with yourself.
  • Peer Consultation for Teachers with an STQ (page is in Dutch)
    In this peer consulation group, you will meet six times (once every 6-8 weeks) to gain inspiration, reflect together and learn more about educational issues.

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