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Explore all aspects of the human body

Are you interested in how processes inside the human body work? Want to know what can go wrong when someone falls ill? Keen to contribute to the development of new drugs? 

Then the Biomedical Sciences programme is just the thing for you. Check here whether you meet the admission requirements and find out how to apply.

(Online) Tasterday activities
You can no longer register for the (online) Tasterday activities.

Limited enrolment programme
Biomedical Sciences is a limited enrolment programme. This means that there are a limited number of places, as result of which the programme will be subject to a selection procedure.

Check whether you meet the admission requirements and apply

  • Update selection 2022

    UPDATE 16-11-2021

    Do you not live in the Netherlands or are you not allowed to travel because of the pandemic?

    Online participation in the selection test is possible for candidates who live outside the Netherlands and for candidates who are not allowed to travel due to corona measures. The following conditions apply for this:

    • The candidate lives outside the Netherlands or the candidate is not allowed to travel due to corona measures.
    • Online participation in the test is at the candidate's own risk.
    • The candidate is aware of the privacy statement regarding online participation. For further information, please see VU Amsterdam Student Guide Online Proctoring - What is online proctoring (
    • The candidate is responsible for a quiet room, a computer with a good stable internet connection and a webcam.
    • The candidate must register for online participation in the test no later than 18 February 2022 by sending an email to containing the following information; name, student number, the request to participate in the online test.

    The candidate's home address will be checked on the basis of the details of the registration for the programme. If a candidate has moved to live outside the Netherlands after registration and wishes to take the test online, then this candidate must submit proof of residence abroad at the time of the test with the request to participate in the online test, such as proof of enrollment at a foreign educational institution.

    In case of a travel ban due to corona after 18 February 2022, please contact

    Online participation in the test is only possible on the test day and at the designated time.

    UPDATE 13-12-2021

    Due to the christmas holidays, we cannot answer questions via email from December 22 to January 9 2022. If you have a question, make sure you send it to before December 22, 17:00 pm so that we can answer it before the holidays. We can answer questions that we receive after December 22 from January 10 2022. 

    Update 20-01-2022

    Online Proctoring (OLP)
    The online selection test will take place with the use of online proctoring (OLP). As our candidates have such a wide variety of nationalities and are residing in various countries, we will be applying OLP in countries outside the Netherlands. Therefore, we must not only adhere to European and Dutch privacy legislation, but also to local privacy legislation.

    Unfortunately, the following four countries have privacy laws that significantly deviate from Dutch or European privacy laws in such a way that using OLP is currently not possible. Therefore it is not possible to participate in the selection test if you are residing in these countries at the time of the selection test:







    If you will be in one of the following countries while taking part in the online selection test, then there are no restrictions based on local privacy laws.













    Please know that students with Chinese, Israeli, Russian or Turkish nationality can of course still participate in the online or on campus selection test if they are residing in the Netherlands or in one of the no-restriction countries, at the time of the selection test.

    If you have any doubts about whether or not the country you are residing in adheres to European and Dutch privacy legislation, but also to local privacy legislation, please contact us via before the 31st January 2022.

    If you are participating in the physical selection test at the VU, none of the privacy laws regarding online proctoring apply to you.

  • Selection – Numerus Fixus

    For students who want to start the bachelor's programme in Biomedical Sciences, a selection procedure (Numerus Fixus) applies. There are 300 places available at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This may mean that not everyone who wishes to study Biomedical Sciences at VU Amsterdam can be admitted. Apart from Biomedical Sciences, you can apply for one other Numerus Fixus study programme in the Netherlands. In case you have been admitted to two programmes, you can only accept one place.

    What does the selection process look like? 
    If you have applied for the programme between 1 October 2021 and 15 January 2022 (23.59 CET), you can participate in the selection procedure. We use two criteria to select students: 

    1.Grades achieved in previous education

    The first criterion is the grade point average (GPA) of your previous education (weighted 30%). For this purpose, your grades of your pre-university diploma are taken into account. If you have not yet completed your pre-university education, your grades of your completed penultimate year (second last year of high school before you graduate) are taken into account. The manner in which you submit these documents depends whether your (to be) obtained education is a Dutch diploma or a non-Dutch diploma.

    • If you applied for the Biomedical Sciences programme with a non-Dutch previous education, you must upload the necessary documents during the application process via Bachelor Application File.
    • If you applied for the Biomedical Sciences programme with a Dutch previous education, please fill out this form to upload your grades and/or diploma, before the 1st of February 2022. 

    2.Selection test, consisting of a combination of knowledge and insight questions

    The selection test is a self-designed multiple choice test with knowledge questions about pre-supplied study material and an online lecture (weighting 70%). The study materials are representative for the first year of the bachelor's programme in Biomedical Sciences at VU Amsterdam. The test will take you a few hours to finish so reserve enough time in your schedule. If you are unable to take the selection test, we will unfortunately not be able to give you a ranking number. Without a ranking number it is not possible to start the programme. The selection test will be delivered either online or on campus, this will soon be communicated on the Biomedical Sciences web page.

    Date selection test
    The selection test will take place on the 12th March 2022, between 09:00-11:15 AM. If you have successfully sent us your final grades from your previous education, you will receive an email with the invitation to the test approximately two weeks prior to the test. 

    For the successful completion of the programme, sufficient proficiency in the English language is very important.

    Literature and practice assignments 
    About two weeks in advance of the selection test you will receive access to the necessary study material by email.

    The outcome
    The result of the selection is determined as follows. The average grade of your previous education counts for 30%. The scores based on your results on the selection test count for 70%. These two scores together determine your position in the ranking. On April 15, 2022 you will receive the results of the selection (your ranking number and any proof of placement). Within a week you will also receive an explanation about your given ranking number.

    Accept place
    The programme has a total of 300 places available per year for Dutch and international candidates. If you are offered a place, you have two weeks to accept it. If you do not accept, you will no longer be admitted in the 2022-2023 academic year and your place will be offered to the next person in the ranking. If you are not offered a place on April 15 2022, there is a chance that you will still be offered a place in the following months.

    Important dates: 

    • 15 January 2022 23.59 uur CET: registration deadline in Studielink, including uploading required documents for admission
    • 12 March 2022: taking the selection test 
    • 15 April 2022: results of the selection procedure will be announced through Studielink
    • 16-22 April 2022: explanation of ranking number will be sent to you via email
    • 15 July 2022: meet admission requirements and pay tuition fees

    Do you have any questions about the selection procedure? Please contact us via

  • Applying with non-Dutch previous education

    Note that for diplomas obtained outside of the Netherlands an application fee of €100 applies.
    Application fee payment options and possible exemptions

    Application documents

    International applicants are asked to upload the following documents:

    • Scan of your passport or national ID card (ID for EEA students only). Candidates must ensure that their correct personal data have been submitted no later than 31 January. Candidates who do not fulfil this obligation in time will not be permitted to continue with the selection procedure.
    • Bachelor Application File: Biomedical Sciences

    Application procedure

    Application deadline
    The application deadline for all students for 2022-2023 is 15 January 2022. You will be informed about your eligibility for admission within four weeks after you have received confirmation from the International Office that your application (including all required documents) is regarded as complete.

    Ready to apply?
    Have you read the information above and are you ready to apply? Great! Click here for the application procedure.

  • Admission requirements for non-Dutch previous education

    Biomedical Sciences is a selective programme (Numerus Fixus). In addition to being selected for a spot in the programme, applicants  holding a non-Dutch pre-university diploma must meet a number of requirements. If you do not yet meet the requirements but expect to do so in the future (such as obtaining your diploma), you can already apply.

    We will evaluate your application and inform you of our admission decision. All outstanding requirements need to be met in full by the time you enrol for the programme. Admission to the programme will remain conditional until your certified diploma copy is received and the conditions in your admission decision letter have been met.

    Requirements that apply:

    1. A diploma equivalent to the Dutch pre-university VWO-diploma

    See the Diploma Requirement List for examples of accepted diplomas per country.
    Please note: this list is meant to give you an indication of admissibility; no rights can be derived from it.

    2. Proof of sufficient proficiency in English

    Although complete applications are preferred, you can begin your application before you have completed the test and then submit your passing score once you have been conditionally admitted. You can find all accepted tests and scores on our Language Requirements webpage.

    3. Proof of sufficient proficiency in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
    After you apply to the programme and upload the required documents in our student portal, your International Student Advisor will have a look at your transcripts to determine whether your diploma is equivalent to the Dutch vwo-diploma and whether your Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry level is sufficient.

    These examples of diplomas demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the 4 required subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics:

    • International Baccalaureate: Mathematics SL/HL, Applications & Interpretation HL, Analysis & Approaches SL/HL,  Physics SL/HL, Chemistry SL/HL and Biology HL.
    • British GCE A-Levels: A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and an AS-level in Physics, or A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and an AS-level in Mathematics. All subjects need to be completed with a grade A, B or C.
    • Germany: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife, including  Physics and Chemistry as Grundkurs and Biology as Leistungsfach + Mathematics Grundkurs as Prüfungsfach or Mathematics erhöhtem Anforderungsniveau (eA)/Leistungsfach 
    • European Baccalaureate: Biology; written or oral examinations, at least 4 hours during the Orientation Cycle. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; written or oral examination, at least 3 hours during the Orientation Cycle.

    For further examples of accepted proof you can check our Biomedical Sciences Diploma requirements list.

    If your proficiency in these subjects is considered to be insufficient, your International Student Advisor will inform you about the possibilities how to meet the requirements with additional certificates.

    When advised to sit (an) entry exam(s), the following certificates are deemed equivalent to Dutch VWO Mathematics A, Physics, Chemistry and Biology:

    Exams in the Netherlands

    • Boswell-Bèta (English). Boswell-Bèta in Utrecht (the Netherlands) provides VWO Mathematics A and B, Physics, Biology and Chemistry courses in English with exams in December, May and July.
    • CCVX (Dutch and English). CCVX offers VWO Mathematics A and B, Physics, Biology and Chemistry exams.
    • Online Mathematics Placement Test. The Online Mathematics Placement Test-A (OMPT-A) is an online mathematics test that you can take from home by means of online proctoring.

    A positive result for the examination (5,5/10 in the CCVX and Boswell-Bèta exam(s) or 65% in the OMPT-A online exam) is compulsory to eliminate a deficiency.

  • Admission requirements and applying with Dutch previous education

    VWO diploma

    • Natuur en Gezondheid, supplemented with Physics 
    • Natuur en Techniek, supplemented with Biology
    • Economie en Maatschappij,  supplemented with Mathematics A or B,  Physics, Biology and Chemistry
    • Cultuur en Maatschappij,  supplemented with Mathematics A or B,  Physics, Biology and Chemistry

    Higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic year 

    • English at 6 VWO level
    • Biology at 6 VWO level 
    • Chemistry at 6 VWO level
    • Physics at 6 VWO level
    • Mathematics A or B

    Higher professional education (HBO) completed programme 

    • English at 6 VWO level
    • Biology at 6 VWO level
    • Chemistry at 6 VWO level 
    • Physics at 6 VWO level
    • Mathematics A or B at 6 VWO level

    Aged 21 or over?  
    Dutch applicants who do not meet any of the above educational requirements and who are aged 21 or over, may be admitted by way of colloquium doctum. This requires obtaining the following modular certificates at 6 VWO level:

    • English
    • Mathematics A or B 
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    Deficiencies at 6 VWO level
    You can obtain your certificates at various institutions.
    Do you want to prepare yourself for obtaining VWO partial certificates? Then you can follow additional education at an evening school or at other institutions that offer education at VWO level.

    Ready to apply?
    Great! Click here to start your application. The application deadline for 2022-2023 is 15 January 2022. After that, complete your application as soon as possible in your personal dashboard on

  • Binding Study Advice (BSA)

    The BSA is an advice given to all Bachelor’s students on four occasions during their first year of studies concerning their study progress. The fourth recommendation, issued at the end of the first year, is binding in nature. To continue to the second year you must have obtained a certain number of credits.

    To receive a positive BSA for this study programme you must have obtained a minimum of 42 EC (credits) at the end of the first year of enrolment. Every student has access to an overview of the obtained study results and assessments are available for inspection after registration of the test result.

  • Student Self Check Tool

    Are you curious if you meet the admission requirements for the programme? Then you can fill out the online Student Self Check tool to find out more about your chances to be admitted to the Bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences. 

    In the tool you will be asked some questions about your previous education and background. Based on your answers you will receive a personal preliminary advice on your eligibility for admission and the next steps you can take to continue your application.

    Please note: no rights can be derived from the Self Check tool results. For a definite admission decision you will have to complete the official application procedure for this programme.

    Check your eligibility.

Want to know more?

General questions

For general questions, please send an e-mail to

Call us on +31 20 5985000 (on working days from 10.00 till 16.00)

Or send a Whatsapp message to +31682548367

International diploma applicants

International diploma applicants are welcome to send an email to or book a phone appointment to get in touch with the International Student Advisors of this programme.