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Explore all aspects of the human body

Are you interested in how processes inside the human body work? Want to know what can go wrong when someone falls ill? Keen to contribute to the development of new drugs? 

Then the Biomedical Sciences programme is just the thing for you. Check here whether you meet the admission requirements and find out how to apply.

Academic year 2021-2022
VU Amsterdam expects all students to be able to attend classes on campus again as of September. We look forward to meeting you on campus. If you live abroad and are unable to come to the VU Amsterdam campus in September due to strict travel restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to offer an online alternative for this study programme. We advise you to start your study at VU Amsterdam a year later. Should the current events concerning Covid-19 in the Netherlands give rise to changes in (online) education, we will report it on the website. 

Biomedical Sciences to become a limited enrolment programme
From the 2022-2023 academic year, Biomedical Sciences will presumably be a limited enrolment programme. This means that there will be a limited number of places from the 2022-2023 academic year, as result of which the programme will be subject to a selection procedure.

Check whether you meet the admission requirements and apply

  • Admission requirements for non-Dutch previous education

    Applicants holding a non-Dutch pre-university diploma must meet a number of requirements. If you do not yet meet the requirements but expect to do so in the future (such as obtaining your diploma), you can already apply. We will evaluate your application and inform you of our admission decision. All outstanding requirements need to be met in full by the time you enrol for the programme. Admission to the programme will remain conditional until your certified diploma copy is received and the conditions in your admission decision letter have been met.

    Requirements that apply:

    1. A diploma equivalent to the Dutch pre-university VWO-diploma

    See the Diploma Requirement List for examples of accepted diplomas per country.
    Please note: this list is meant to give you an indication of admissibility; no rights can be derived from it.

    2. Proof of sufficient proficiency in English

    Although complete applications are preferred, you can begin your application before you have completed the test and then submit your passing score once you have been conditionally admitted. You can find all accepted tests and scores on our Language Requirements webpage.

    3. Proof of sufficient proficiency in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
    After you apply to the programme and upload the required documents in our student portal, your International Student Advisor will have a look at your transcripts to determine whether your diploma is equivalent to the Dutch vwo-diploma and whether your Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry level is sufficient.

    These examples of diplomas demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the 4 required subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics:

    • International Baccalaureate: Mathematics SL/HL, Applications & Interpretation HL, Analysis & Approaches SL/HL,  Physics SL/HL, Chemistry SL/HL and Biology HL.
    • British GCE A-Levels: A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and an AS-level in Physics, or A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and an AS-level in Mathematics. All subjects need to be completed with a grade A, B or C.
    • Germany: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife, including  Physics and Chemistry as Grundkurs and Biology as Leistungsfach + Mathematics Grundkurs as Prüfungsfach or Mathematics erhöhtem Anforderungsniveau (eA)/Leistungsfach 
    • European Baccalaureate: Biology; written or oral examinations, at least 4 hours during the Orientation Cycle. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; written or oral examination, at least 3 hours during the Orientation Cycle.

    For further examples of accepted proof you can check our Biomedical Sciences Diploma requirements list.

    If your proficiency in these subjects is considered to be insufficient, your International Student Advisor will inform you about the possibilities how to meet the requirements with additional certificates.

    When advised to sit (an) entry exam(s), the following certificates are deemed equivalent to Dutch VWO Mathematics A, Physics, Chemistry and Biology:

    Exams in the Netherlands

    • Boswell-Bèta (English). Boswell-Bèta in Utrecht (the Netherlands) provides VWO Mathematics A and B, Physics, Biology and Chemistry courses in English with exams in December, May and July.
    • CCVX (Dutch and English). CCVX offers VWO Mathematics A and B, Physics, Biology and Chemistry exams.
    • Online Mathematics Placement Test. The Online Mathematics Placement Test-A (OMPT-A) is an online mathematics test that you can take from home by means of online proctoring.

    A positive result for the examination (5,5/10 in the CCVX and Boswell-Bèta exam(s) or 65% in the OMPT-A online exam) is compulsory to eliminate a deficiency.

  • Application
    1. Check if you match the admission requirements.
    2. Register for the Bachelor’s programme before the application deadline via Studielink
    3. After registering you will receive log-in details for VUnet. Complete you application by answering the questions asked in VUnet and uploading the requested documents.
    4. International applicants are asked to upload the following documents:
      • Transcript of records; a transcript in English of the grades obtained over the final two years of your high school and any further education up to the moment of your application. IB and A-level applicants are asked to upload their predicted grades.
      • A scan of your diploma (if you have already graduated).
      • Curriculum Vitae; the curriculum vitae should include your personal details and list your previous education and relevant work experience (± 1-2 pages).
      • English language test results (if already obtained).
      • Copy of valid passport or ID (ID for EEA students only).
    5. Diplomas obtained outside of the Netherlands only: pay the application fee 
    6. Submit your application and wait for the decision on your admission request.

    For more details on all steps please consult our step-by-step application guide.

    Application deadline: The final application deadline for non-EU/EEA students is 1 April and for Dutch and EU students the final deadline is 1 May. For international students wishing to use our Accommodation Services an early application is recommended.

    Ready to apply?
    Great! Click here to start your application.

  • Admission requirements for Dutch previous education

    VWO diploma

    • Natuur en Gezondheid, supplemented with Physics 
    • Natuur en Techniek, supplemented with Biology
    • Economie en Maatschappij,  supplemented with Mathematics A or B,  Physics, Biology and Chemistry
    • Cultuur en Maatschappij,  supplemented with Mathematics A or B,  Physics, Biology and Chemistry

    Higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic year 

    • English at 6 VWO level
    • Biology  at 6 VWO level 
    • Chemistry  at 6 VWO level
    • Physics  at 6 VWO level
    • Mathematics A or B at 6 VWO level*

    *Does not appy to HBO programme Applied Mathematics.

    Higher professional education (HBO) completed programme 

    • English at 6 VWO level
    • Biology  at 6 VWO level
    • Chemistry  at 6 VWO level 
    • Physics  at 6 VWO level
    • Mathematics A or B   at 6 VWO level*

    *Does not appy to HBO programme Applied Mathematics.

    Aged 21 or over?  
    Dutch applicants who do not meet any of the above educational requirements and who are aged 21 or over, may be admitted by way of colloquium doctum. This requires obtaining the following modular certificates at 6 VWO level:

    • English
    • Mathematics A or B 
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    Deficiencies at 6 VWO level
    You can obtain your certificates at various institutions.
    Do you want to prepare yourself for obtaining VWO partial certificates? Then you can follow additional education at an evening school or at other institutions that offer education at VWO level.

    Ready to apply?
    Great! Click here to start your application. 

  • VU Study Choice Check

    Once you have made your choice of study programme, VU Study Choice Check offers you the opportunity to determine if the study programme corresponds to the image and expectations that you have and whether it suits you. VU Study Choice Check is part of the application procedure for all bachelor degree programmes. For this programme the Study Choice Check consists of two parts: first you fill out a digital questionnaire on VUnet and second you participate in the activity of the programme.

    The programme activity will be organised online in May 2021 and will be available until 24 August. In order for us to be able to send you an invitation it is necessary that you log in to VUnet and complete and confirm the application form (progress 100%).

    We will start sending the invitations at the beginning of May to the email address you entered when you registered. Check your spam folder regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any messages from us. If you have not received an invitation, for example because you filled in the registration form in VUnet after May, please mail to

    Please note: Filling out the digital questionnaire and participation in the programme activity are mandatory for all Biomedical Sciences students! 

    General information and frequently asked questions about the VU Study Choice Check can be found here: VU Studiekeuzecheck [Dutch] or VU Study Choice Check [English]. If you have questions about the Study Choice Check for this programme, please contact the Coordinator Study Choice Check of the Faculty of Science:

  • Binding Study Advice (BSA)

    The BSA is an advice given to all Bachelor’s students on four occasions during their first year of studies concerning their study progress. The fourth recommendation, issued at the end of the first year, is binding in nature. To continue to the second year you must have obtained a certain number of credits.

    To receive a positive BSA for this study programme you must have obtained a minimum of 42 EC (credits) at the end of the first year of enrolment. Every student has access to an overview of the obtained study results and assessments are available for inspection after registration of the test result.

  • Student Self Check Tool

    Are you curious if you meet the admission requirements for the programme? Then you can fill out the online Student Self Check tool to find out more about your chances to be admitted to the Bachelor’s programme Biomedical Sciences. 

    In the tool you will be asked some questions about your previous education and background. Based on your answers you will receive a personal preliminary advice on your eligibility for admission and the next steps you can take to continue your application.

    Please note: no rights can be derived from the Self Check tool results. For a definite admission decision you will have to complete the official application procedure for this programme.

    Check your eligibility.

Want to know more?

General questions

For general questions, please send an e-mail to

Call us on +31 20 5985000 (on working days from 10.00 till 16.00)

Or send a Whatsapp message to +31682548367

International diploma applicants

International diploma applicants are welcome to send an email to or book a phone appointment to get in touch with the International Student Advisors of this programme: