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How do I apply for a degree programme that uses a selection procedure (numerus fixus)?

You can apply as of 1 October for a degree programme that uses the selection procedure numerus fixus for the academic year 2024-2025. Apply before 15 January by following the steps on this page.

An application does not obligate you to anything and can be cancelled free of charge until 31 August. In any case, apply in time, even if you don't know yet whether you will graduate from your previous education.

Please note! If you apply for a programme in Studielink, you will not yet be enrolled. You will only be enrolled when you receive that confirmation from Studielink and VU Amsterdam.

Before you apply for a numerus fixus programme make sure to check if you match the admission requirements:

Apply in Studielink before 15 January.

Are you applying for one of our Dutch Numerus Fixus programmes and/or are you applying with a Dutch diploma? Then you can contact our Student Desk for any questions.

Application process

Want to learn more about the application process? Then check out our step-by-step application video for international diploma applicants!

Check out the video!

Applying for Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science or Psychology

  • Applying with non-Dutch previous education

    Take a look at the step-by-step application video on this page to find out how you can apply for our English-taught programmes with an international diploma. 

    Before you apply: Check if you match the admission requirements

    Go to the programme page of your programme of interest and check the admission requirements for the programme under "Admissions":

    Step 1: Apply in Studielink

    Go to Studielink and create an application for the study programme you wish to apply for. Your application will remain active for 8 weeks after creating your Studielink account. 

    Application deadline: 15 January 2024

    Do you currently live in the Netherlands? Then you will need to log in with your DigiD. 

    If you do not yet live in the Netherlands you can choose "Log in without DigiD". When you create your Studielink account via this option you will need a scan or photo of your valid passport or European ID card.

    Important when you register in Studielink:

    • Make sure that the e-mail address you fill in in Studielink (My details) is correct: you will receive important notices concerning your enrolment via this address.
    • Please enter your prior education (on the basis of which your application will be judged) correctly.
    • Select the Psychology programme with (Bachelor) at the end from the list in Studielink
    • Enter your payment details so that the correct tuition fee can be calculated. This does not generate and automatic payment. The deadline for payment is 15 July 2024.

    Step 2: Complete your application via your dashboard on

    After you complete your application request in Studielink you will receive your login details – a VUnet-ID username and a password – for our application system on your personal dashboard on by e-mail. This may take up to two working days.* 

    In the application portal you will be asked to upload your completed VU Application Form - Bachelor in PDF-format and submit your application.

    VU Application Form - Numerus Fixus

    Please note: you do not have to send original documents when applying! For the application phase uploading scans of your previous education documents is sufficient. 

    Questions? Read our step by step guide to completing your application in your dashboard on

    Complete your application before 15 January - this includes the payment of the 100 euro application fee

    *In case you did not receive your login details, please first check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate them, then contact the UCIT service desk on or +31 (0)20 598 0000.

    Step 3: Pay the application fee to complete your application

    If you obtained your diploma outside of the Netherlands we ask you to pay a non-refundable €100 application fee before the deadline of 15 January. Only after you have paid this fee will we be able to start the assessment of your application file. Please do not delay paying the fee as this will delay your application.

    Application fee payment options and possible exemptions

    Do you think you qualify for an exemption? Please send an e-mail to (Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences) or (Psychology) before 15 January in order for us to exempt you from paying this fee.

    Step 4: Wait for the admission decision

    Once your application is regarded as complete, the International Office will confirm this and inform you of the next steps. Your admission decision will be determined based on the submitted documents only.

    Note that during holiday times and closer to the deadline dates the processing time and decision time is longer than in slower periods. Keep this in mind in planning when to submit your application. 

    Once you have received confirmation that the application is complete we aim to send you the admission decision within 6 weeks.

    All information regarding your application will be sent to your Studielink registered email address. It is your own responsibility to check your inbox regularly, including the spam folder.

    Step 5: Participate in the Selection Procedure

    You will receive an invitation to take part in the selection procedure for your chosen Numerus Fixus programme after the application deadline of 15 January. Information about the selection procedure can be found on your programme's Admissions page.

    Read more about the selection rules and deadlines for programmes with a selection procedure.

  • After Admission

    Step 1: Confirm your participation in your VU Dashboard after conditional admission

    You will receive your decision on admission by e-mail (make sure to check your spam folder regularly). Please read this e-mail carefully and keep it in your personal administration.

    Confirm your participation in your VU dashboard once you have been conditionally admitted. This will enable you to apply for Accommodation and Visa services. Please note the following:

    • If you have one or more deficiencies, you can only apply for our accommodation and/or visa services after you have eliminated them by passing your entrance exam(s) before the deadlines mentioned in your decision on admission e-mail
    • If you decide to withdraw your application before 15 January, you will not have used up one of your participation opportunities in a Numerus Fixus programme application procedure. Find more info here.
    • It is possible to withdraw your application after 15 January, but you will have used up one participation opportunity in a Numerus Fixus programme application procedure. Find more info here.

    Step 2: Accept your place within two weeks after placement

    After taking the selection test, you will receive your ranking number through Studielink on 15 April. When your ranking number entitles you to a place then you will be offered a place through Studielink. You must accept your place within two weeks. If you do not accept or accept after the deadline, your place will become available to the candidate with the next lowest ranking number. You will then not be able to begin the degree programme on 1 September.

    Step 3: Submit the required documents (deadline: 15 July)

    • Proof of completion of your previous education
      VU Amsterdam will send you a message when you need to submit proof of your completion of your previous education. You will find this information in your decision on admission e-mail

      Certified copy of diploma
      A certified copy means that the copy of the actual diploma needs to bear an original stamp and signature of an authorised person or institution or an employee of your high school or university. Please note that only the original of the certified copy is accepted – we will not accept scans or copies because their authenticity cannot be verified. Read more about submitting your certified diploma copy.
    • English proficiency test results (if applicable)
      Read more about the accepted English language tests and scores
      Once you have received your English proficiency test results - that meet the set minima for the study programme you are applying for - the certificate has to be uploaded in the application section of your VU Dashboard. After receipt of the scores we will verify your scores with the test centre and process them in your application status. Please see the instructions: Verification of your test scores.
      Please note: If you need to apply for a study visa, make sure to send the required document to the International Office before June 1st.
    • Deficiencies
      If your conditional offer states you need to submit other specific test results (such as mathematics) you can notify the International Student Advisor when you have obtained the required certificate and score. We strongly advise you to submit the required document as soon as possible after your conditional admission. Please note: If you need to apply for a study visa, make sure to send your passing scores to the International Office before June 1st

    Step 4: Pay the tuition fees before 15 July

    Make sure that you have paid the tuition fees or issued the digital direct debit mandate before 15 July 2024. You will not be enrolled and will not be able to start the degree programme in September if you miss the deadline.

    If you opt for a digital direct debit mandate in Studielink you will need to confirm this when the action appears in your to-do list. This will be within 24 hours. This confirmation is deemed to be the actual payment, so don't forget this step!

    Read more about the payment of tuition fees

    Step 5: Arrange practical matters

    The International Office will help you to arrange practical matters such as picking up the keys to your room, opening a Dutch bank account, picking up your residence permit and registering at the municipality.

    More information about the arrangement of practicalities can be found on our When you arrive page.

    Step 6: Check that you are enrolled

    You will receive a message from Studielink once you finalise your enrolment and your student registration is complete. Only after having received this message, you will know you have met all the requirements for enrolment. Your status in Studielink will change to 'enrolled'. The deadline for full enrolment is 1 August 2024. If your enrolment is not complete on this date, you will not be able to start the progamme. If you have questions about your enrolment status, please check your VU Dashboard or contact your International Student Advisor.

    Step 7: Onboarding international students

    Are you getting ready to embark on a new and exciting chapter in your life by relocating to the Netherlands and enrolling at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam? Then this is where you should begin!

    Student onboarding is the process of getting you adjusted to your new study environment's practical, social, and academic aspects. We want to make you feel welcome and help you prepare well for your new study and living environment. Studies show that an effective onboarding programme enhances student engagement. It is expected that it will increase your level of involvement as well as your overall well-being.

    On this platform you will find an overview of all initiatives that are available and will help you prepare for your studies at VU Amsterdam. From the opportunity to take free online academic courses, to talking to current students, to interactive live sessions and academic workshops (and much more!).

     Go to

  • Online Campus Tour and Student Experiences

    Visit the Campus online

    The University Campus is the lively hub of the university and you are welcome to pay a virtual visit to get to know the university.
    Visit the online campus tour and explore the campus, university buildings and more!

    Contact our Student Ambassadors

    Do you have a question for a current student? Are you curious about everyday life in Amsterdam, from our campus to the food, music and events going on throughout the city? Want to know how much homework you will have each night, or how the Dutch educational system differs from your own? Ask one of our VU Ambassadors! They would love to answer your questions by sharing their personal experiences of living and studying at VU Amsterdam. Check the Student Ambassadors page to find an ambassador from the programme you’re interested in or from your home country.

    For specific questions related to VU programmes, deadlines, the application process, or diploma validity you can find information on  the information page of your programme or you can contact your faculty's International Student Advisor(s).

    Read the Student Blog

    On you can read blog updates from our (international) students.

Applying for a numerus fixus study with a Dutch diploma

  • Step 1: check the admission and selection requirements of the programme of your choice

    Make sure to check the programme page first to see which admission and selection requirements apply.

  • Step 2: apply for the programme in Studielink

    Log in to Studielink with your DigiD and select the programme of your choice. Please note: the application deadline for numerus fixus studies is 15 January at the latest!

  • Step 3: meet the selection requirements

    Make sure you meet the selection requirements before the application deadline. You can find these on the page of the relevant programme.

  • Step 4: complete your application in your personal dashboard on

    Complete your application in your application portal and upload the requested documents before 15 January. Do this in time, or you will not be able to take part in the selection. After completing your application, you will receive more information from the faculty about the selection procedure.

  • Step 5: accept your place within two weeks after placement

    On 15 April you will receive your ranking number through Studielink. If it entitles you to a place, you will be offered this place through Studielink. You must accept the offered place within two weeks. If you do not accept or do not accept in time, your place will be allocated to the next candidate. You will then no longer be able to start with the study programme. For an up-to-date overview of the released ranking numbers, see our numerus fixus page.

  • Step 6: submit the required documents

    You will be informed by VU Amsterdam whether you need to hand in a proof of your previous education. The deadline for handing in your documents is 15 July. The following documents are accepted:

    • Original certified copy of diploma. Submit the document by post (Student Administration, de Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands) or to the Student Desk (Main Building, ground floor). You can have your diploma authenticated at the Student Desk as well. Make sure to bring your original diploma and a copy with you. Please note: do not submit original documents, as these will not be returned.

    • Graduation certificate. Apply for this from your current study programme. The declaration must state the programme and the examination date and must be signed by the Examination Board. Submit the original by post (Student Administration, de Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands) or to the Student Desk (Main Building, ground floor). 

    • Digital extract from the Diploma Register. Download the extract from and submit it digitally via You cannot submit a printed version of the extract as it is not valid. Please note: this option is only valid if you do not have an original certified copy of your diploma or graduation statement before the deadline. Unless stated otherwise, we only process documents that are handed in by post or at the student desk. If you submit a digital document, we may ask you (at a later moment) to submit a hard copy.
  • Step 7: pay the tuition fees

    Make sure you pay the tuition fees or issue the digital authorisation before 15 July. Otherwise, you will not become enrolled and cannot start the study programme. Have you opted for digital authorisation in Studielink? Then you still have to confirm this when the action appears in your to-do list. This will take a maximum of 24 hours. The confirmation is the actual payment, so don't forget this step!

  • Step 8: check if you are enrolled

    Your enrolment is only complete once you receive a message from Studielink and VU Amsterdam that you are enrolled. You can always check the status of your application in your dashboard on

  • Want to know more?

    Click here to read more on how to apply for a numerus fixus programme with a Dutch diploma.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact the Student Desk.

If you have questions about the tuition fee, Studielink or your personal dashboard on, please contact the Student Desk:, stating your student number.

Send a message via online chat (Mon – Fri: 10:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:00). 

Call +31 (0)20 59 85020 (Mon – Fri: 10:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:00). 

Are you currently a VU student? Ask your question via the question form (log in with your VUnetID)