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Bachelor's degree programmes can impose programme-specific education requirements. These requirements concern subjects at the Dutch pre-university school-leaving examination level (6 VWO) or an equivalent level, such as mathematics or biology. You can find information about these subject requirements on the information page for the degree programme.

When you do not meet the subject requirements for the degree programme your previous education has deficiencies. You will need to eliminate these deficiencies by passing the relevant subject tests at VWO pre-university school-leaving examination level. Deficiencies for regular degree programmes must be eliminated by 31 August; for students who require a visa/residence permit the deadline is 1 June and for Numerus Fixus programmes the deadline is 15 July

Note that as long as you have not eliminated your subject deficiencies you will not be able to apply for our Visa and Accommodation services.

Only students who have met the conditions before the deadline can participate in the programme at the start of the academic year.

When do I have to take one or more tests?

  • If you have applied for a programme and you have one or more subject deficiencies in your previous education you will be informed of this by means of an admission letter or notification. This is the case if you meet the general admission requirements, but not the programme-specific subject requirements. This can for example be a deficiency in mathematics. 
  • If you qualify for the Colloquium Doctum (entrance tests for students of 21+)
  • In some cases, prospective students with an international diploma who do not meet the diploma requirement do qualify for participation in additional entrance exams. After submitting an official application, your International Student Advisor will inform you if you are eligible for these exams and how you can participate. Which exams are required will depend on the programme you are interested in. 

Online tests:

      • Mathematics A, B and C (OMPT-A, B and E): Online Mathematics Placement Test (OMPT)
        This test is only accepted by certain programmes and specific test versions and scores apply. If this test option is available this will be communicated on the programme page and your admission letter.
      • History: offered by the Faculty of Humanities - VU Amsterdam. Information about the test will be published soon.

Tests in the Netherlands:

      • Tests in English and Dutch:
          • Mathematics VWO level A and B, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry: CCVX
          • Mathematics VWO level A, B, and C, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry: Boswell-Bèta
            Note: diplomas obtained at Boswell-Bèta will not be accepted for Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes.
          • Mathematics VWO level A and B: Korteweg de Vries-Instituut
      • Dutch only:

What to do when you have passed the tests:

          • Are you applying with a non-Dutch diploma for an English-taught programme? Then you can send your official results to your International Student Advisor by e-mail for verification and processing.
          • You can also send the certified copies to us by post, or bring them to the Student Desk. Certified test certificates bear a stamp and signature from an official institute to attest that the copy is the same as the original. The certificates can be certified by the administration of the institute that awarded the certificate or by the Student Desk. Bring the original and copy with you when you wish to have them certified by us.


If you are applying with a non-Dutch diploma for one one our international Bachelor's degrees you can contact your International Student Advisor for any questions about the admission requirements and entrance exams for the programme of your interest.

All other students can contact the Student Desk.

If you need to submit a certified copy of your test results, send it to the following address:

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Student Administration
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Please include your VU student number when you send documents by post.


For questions please contact the Student Desk.

The Student Desk will help you. Call us on +31 20 59 85020 (Mon – Fri: 10.30 – 12.30h and 14.00 – 16.00h).

Send an e-mail to:

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