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KIN Education

“Meet the challenges of the modern economy”

Managing information and knowledge to improve organizational processes and develop business is essential in the modern, digital economy. This thought is the key driver for all of our teaching at VU Amsterdam. KIN Research offers a complete array of educational programmes, minors, and courses, to educate and train students at various levels: undergraduate (bachelor's), graduate (pre-master's and master's), and postgraduate (PhD, professional, and executive). Through this we prepare our students for the challenges of the future.

Bridge between business and technology

"We train the students in such a way that they are able to translate what is happening both in the field of digital technology and in business, so they can form the much-needed bridge between business and technology"
prof. Marleen Huysman, Head of Department

KIN research contributes to Bachelor'sMaster's, PhD and Executive programmes in Business Administration.   

Meet our Alumni Jaap van Nes

Meet our Alumni Jaap van Nes

“The master me and my co-founder enjoyed at the KIN Center has been at the foundation of our company Stuvia. During our master we learned all about how to share knowledge and about the ways to improve this. Right after, we founded our marketplace for study resources. Ten years into the business, we still apply the mechanisms learned at the master and currently help over 1 million students every year to share their knowledge with their peers. 


  • Bachelor

    “Engage in organizing for digital innovation”

    Business students at the School of Business and Economics can opt for:

    Informatics and science students at the sciences faculty can choose:


  • Master

    “Meet the business challenges of the digital age”

    We offer a one-year academic master's programme on Digital Business & Innovation .

    Digital technologies are changing businesses. But how do these technologies come about in the first place? What are their consequences for both people and organisations? And how are they disrupting entire industries? 

    The Master’s programme in Digital Business and Innovation aims to answer such questions by enabling students to form a bridge between business and technology. 

    Curious? See the VU conceptstore for an example of our students' work on chatbots. 

  • Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration

    Part-time Msc program Business Administration
    We also offer a specialization on Digital Business and Innovation in the two-year part-time MSc programme of Business Administration. This is primarily aimed at Dutch professionals who work in knowledge-intensive organizations in the service industry and have the ambition to become a manager or advisor. Both the part-time and full-time specializations have pre-master's programmes.

  • PhD Program

    “From student to scholar: A journey into the world of digitalisation”“From student to scholar: A journey into the world of digitalization”

    KIN Research currently comprises of around ten PhD projects in various stages. PhD research is conducted under the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) umbrella, where students will also receive their doctoral training at the Graduate School

    KIN Research teaches a variety of courses for the graduate school, related to for instance qualitative research methods (including process research methods and computational/digital qualitative methods), PhD proposal writing, and research seminars. Digital Business and Innovation related courses are offered in the Research Master Business in Society, which is offered in preparation of a PhD position.

  • Professional Education

    “Change the digital world”

    KIN Research also offers two postgraduate education programs (currently only in Dutch) for professionals and executives who already have a master degree.

    • Digital Innovation and Transformation (14 full day program). Join this program to gain deep knowledge and a broad perspective on what digital transformation may mean for your organization. Our program helps you navigate the digital landscape and make better decisions
    • Business Analytics & Data Science. This is a one-year part-time program containing modules on for instance predictive modeling, data-driven business innovation, and big data infrastructure & technologies. The program roughly consists of equal parts Business Administration, Computer Science, and Mathematics; the three disciplines essential to the field of data science. Target audience include people responsible for transforming and translating data into actionable insights, as well as those in tactical and strategic management with an interest in this field.
    • Data Driven steering in public sector
    • more information