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Make companies smarter with data and maths

Organisations have a large amount of data. As a Business Analyst, you will analyse the data to improve business results. You will help organisations with issues such as:
  • Where do you place solar panels to generate as much energy as possible? 
  • How do you determine the optimal prices of seats in a football stadium? 
  • Which people are best to give a discount card to at a large pizza chain? 

Mathematics, Data analysis, Computer Science and Business are at the heart of this study. You apply what you have learned in the practice of companies.

Business Analytics in 1 minute by Thijmen

Why study Business Analytics at VU Amsterdam?

  • Excellent programme: Business Analytics at VU Amsterdam has already been offered for 30 years and is highly recommended, also due to its large (international) network of organisations and companies.
  • Expert teaching team: You will be taught by a committed and expert team of mathematicians, finance specialists and econometricians with a passion for mathematics, business administration and data. 
  • Good atmosphere: You will quickly feel at home at Business Analytics at VU Amsterdam because lecturers and students know each other well.
  • Lessons on a lively campus: You will be taught in the brand new New University Building, together with other Science students on VU's lively campus.
  • Also a master's in Business Analytics: VU Amsterdam also has a highly regarded master's in Business Analytics, which you can follow after your bachelor's.
  • International: The programme is in English so there is a nice mix of students from all kinds of countries. Moreover, VU Amsterdam is located in the heart of Amsterdam's Zuidas with many international companies.

Is Business Analytics something for you?
Are you good at maths and interested in business and economics? Then this programme could suit you.

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Change your world, study Business Analytics

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