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Make companies smarter with data and maths

So you’ve graduated—now what? Most graduates of the Bachelor of Business Analytics programme choose to continue their studies, but you can also dive straight into the workforce as a data scientist or consultant.

Many organisations are keen to recruit professionals with a unique mix of maths, computer science and business economics.

During your studies you learnt to use data to solve complex problems. You can perform rigorous analyses to arrive at innovative solutions. You also have strong consulting and communication skills. In other words, not only are you able to come up with optimal solutions, but you can also persuade people to put them into practice. All this makes you an asset to every organisation that works with data.

You enjoy maths and embrace the challenge of working with large amounts of data. You know how to use models from maths and computer science to make accurate predictions, and based on the innovative solutions you come up with you are able to advise banks and other organisations.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Further your education

Would you like to continue your studies in Business Analytics? The logical next step is to enrol for the  Master of Business Analytics programme. You can also opt for a related specialisation, such as the following master’s programmes:

Start your career

With a Bachelor of Business Analytics, you can work in many different sectors and all sorts of organisations. These days, myriad organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad have large amounts of data at their disposal, and a great need for qualified, talented analysts.

You could work as a data scientist in government, at a financial or knowledge institution, an internet company, a transport company, the police, and more. You are also well-suited to work as a consultant at a multinational like Deloitte or KLM.

Where did our students end up?