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Lead the way in digitalisation for a smart, sustainable society

This Master's in Information Sciences is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a proficient ICT professional or a dedicated researcher. Become an expert in designing and applying sustainable digital solutions for companies and organisations.

In what ways can a company capitalize on green ICT for profit? How might a company's data system contribute to fostering a sustainable society? Armed with insights into these questions, you will be able to provide guidance to companies, organizations, and society at large in the realm of green digital solutions.

During the Master's in Information Sciences, you will evolve into a digital designer with a holistic perspective, looking beyond the technical aspects of ICT solutions. A key component in the programme is the cultivation of responsible and sustainable software and data systems. 

Why choose Information Sciences at the VU?

  • 1-year master's that  provides an excellent next step for graduates of various bachelors: such as Information Sciences, Computer Sciences, Business Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Responsible and sustainable software and data systems are key
  • Excellent (national and international) job prospects 
  • Good network with contacts within the local, national and international business community
  • Classes taught at the vibrant campus in Amsterdam

Are you an international or HBO student and would you like to apply? Check our admission standards here.

Discover your Information Sciences programme

Discover your Information Sciences programme

The Information Sciences programme trains you to become an outstanding researcher and/or professional. You’ll master skills for independent problem solving when it comes to the design, application and real-life use of complex information systems in modern organisations. You’ll benefit from a unique combination of strong IT competencies, knowledge of the sustainability implications of digital solutions in wider society, and critical reflection skills. The programme also offers a well-tuned balance between scientific rigour and practical relevance.

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Change your world, study Information Sciences