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Lead the way in digitalisation for a smart, sustainable society

Having graduated in Information Sciences, you’ll be ready to make a real difference: helping organisations in their responsible digital transformation.

You’ll be not only an all-round ICT professional but also a specialist in responsible, sustainable and socially-aware software and data systems that are essential in today’s society.

You’ll have independent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that you can put to work in designing and applying complex IT systems in modern businesses. You’ll also be well versed in putting scientific research into practice – making you an asset to any business. 

Some typical examples of your potential career paths and opportunities include: Chief Sustainability Officer (adding knowledge in the environmental and societal footprint of Information Sciences), Junior Digital Architect (providing T-shaped technical competencies) and IT consultant or data analyst (focusing on the business and economic aspects).


Digital architect Bas van der Raadt graduated from the Master's in Information Sciences. 

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Start working

Career prospects for graduates are excellent. Alumni from the programme work in a wide range of companies and public institutions, both inside and outside the ICT sector. Positions include consultants, junior architects, product owners, data analysts, data managers/stewards, ethics specialists, sustainability specialists (e.g. for eco-procurement, data centres), project management officers and researchers. 

You’ll be particularly well prepared for roles acting as a bridge between ICT and non-ICT professionals: you’ll speak both languages and understand both domains. There’s a large and growing demand for professionals with these skills.

See also the student journeys for careers as IT Consultant/Data Analyst, Digital Architect and Chief Sustainability Officer.

Or pursue an academic career

The programme is also excellent preparation for your development as a scientific researcher in the area of information sciences. If you have top grades, you may want to apply for a PhD position. These are normally awarded for four years, during which you’re expected to conduct research, present at conferences, teach and write your PhD thesis.