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CLUE+ The Interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage

CLUE+ brings together researchers in all levels of experience and from a wide variety of academic disciplines, to jointly reflect societal challenges and formulate strategies for addressing those challenges.

The research institute mainly focuses on global connectedness, while also addressing sustainability and governance challenges in line with the VU profile themes. With interdisciplinary teams, working in novel ways and with innovative methodologies, CLUE+ aims to create an inspiring research community for early-stage academics as well as for experienced and senior researchers. Read more about CLUE+.

CLUE+ in a Nutshell

“CLUE+ strongly cherishes a societal perspective. I’m talking about the most relevant societal issues of today. Migration, the environment, sustainability, globalization, digitization – the digitized world. The Connected World actually. These are the major issues that we study. Issues that cannot do with a traditional disciplinary perspective only", according to director Gert-Jan Burgers. Look at a couple of our interdisciplinary projects.

Highlighted Projects

More about CLUE+

We would love to hear from you

For any questions regarding the CLUE+ Research Institute, contact our Coordinator and Policy Officer CLUE+ Rita van der Schriek-Hermans MA