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The institute welcomes all researchers on the campus whose interest or research fits the research themes, programmes or the Connected World theme of the institute.

Our CLUE+ researchers lead or participate in extensive national and international collaborations, including informal academic networks and formal consortiums, with public partners (e.g. heritage boards, governmental institutions, municipalities) and private ones (e.g. SMEs, NGOs, foundations). Most of the formal collaborations concern joint participation in research projects and programme grants (e.g. NWO, Hera, Marie Curie ITN, Templeton World Charity Foundation), joint papers and conferences, exchange of PhD candidates and staff, software and data exchange, policy development, or consultancy. To further facilitate consortium and network building with international partners, CLUE+ funding facilitates seminars, conferences and network meetings, and active participation in international research agendas and calls.

CLUE+ has five programmes in which several (research) activities are being organised. As a member you will participate in one or two of our programmes. For more information about our programmes and its directors please click here.

Types of Membership

  • Full member

    As a full member of the institute you will have access to this elaborate network, our funding opportunities and the facilities we offer.

    How to become a CLUE+ member

    To become a full CLUE+ member you need to meet the following conditions:

    1. You are an employee at the VU/VUMc.
    2. You are a researcher with research time (fte)
    3. You have affiliations with our research themes, programmes and/or Connected World theme.

    If you meet these conditions you need to fill in our membership form. Because you will participate with (a part of) your research fte in our institute you need to make formal arrangements with your supervisor (chair, department head, etc.) regarding your membership.

    The form must be send to The secretary, Hilde Van den Berghe, will make arrangements that the research time will be registered and that you will receive a CLUE+ affiliation in Pure.

    As a member you will be asked to participate in one or more of our programmes. You will be contacted by one of our program directors for an introduction meeting. We also ask our members to mention their CLUE+ affiliation in their research activities.

    For more information you can contact us via

  • Affiliated member

    Anyone with an academic interest in CLUE+ (including non-VU staff) is eligible to become affiliated member. Then you can become part of our CLUE+ network and receive our biweekly activity calendar. You may participate in any activities (e.g. workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) organized or hosted by CLUE+ and its programmes.

    To become an affiliated member, click here.