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CLUE+ divides its research into 5 research programmes, which overlap and cooperate in many high-profile research projects. The goal of the programmes is to make CLUE+ research and events more accessible to our researchers.

Since 2022, CLUE+ has been working on developing its new research programmes. Each of these programmes is interdisciplinary and welcomes CLUE+ researchers from different faculties. Find out more about each of the programmes by clicking on the titles.

Programme Coordinators

  • Inclusive Landscape Transformations

    Linde Egberts (Faculty of Humanities) had been involved in CLUE+ research for over ten years, taking over the role of research coordinator on landscape and heritage theme from Gert-Jan Burgers in 2021, and continuing as co-research coordinator for the new Landscapes in Transition program in 2022. She continuously contributes to European consortium projects on behalf of CLUE+, like Cradles of European Culture, HERICOAST and HERILAND. In these, she connects the institute's research agenda to societal challenges like tourismification, social inclusivity and climate change. 

    Niels van Manen (School of Business and Economics) is the second co-research coordinator of the Landscapes in Transition program since its establishment in 2022. He is researcher at the departement of Spatial Economics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at SPINLab. He is also Team Leader of the Digital Spatial Humanities research team and he coordinates UNIGIS Amsterdam. He teaches at the Amsterdam University College and VU Learn! Academy.

  • Environmental and Health Humanities

    Kristine Steenbergh is senior lecturer English Literature at the Faculty of Humanities. She specializes in the history of emotions and the Environmental Humanities.  As of 1 January 2020, Kristine took over as new coordinator of the CLUE+ research program Paradigms of Creativity, continuing as co-coordinator of the new program Environmental and Health Humanities. This research program joins humanities approaches to human-nature relations, health and medicine, and emotions and senses.

    Erin La Cour's current research focuses on both the intermediality and mediality of comics in several socio-historical cultural milieux. She is faculty advisor for the creative writing and experimental image/text journal Expanded Field, is a member of the Nordic Network for Comics Research, and is the co-founder and co-director of Amsterdam Comics, an independent research consortium. Erin has been co-coordinator of the Environmental and Health Humanities research program since its establishment in 2022.

  • Globalisation, Capitalisation, Capitalism

    As of 2021, Pepijn Brandon was the new coordinator of the CLUE+ research program Global History, Heritage and memory. He continues as co-coordinator of the new research program Globalisation, Capitalism, Colonialism. The program focusses on movements of people, their artefacts and ideas across space, and the connections between societies that arise out of those movements. Pepijn’s work focuses among other topics on the inherently global history of capitalism in connection to regionally specific histories of war, dispossession, and enslavement. As program coordinator, he intends to pay particular attention to the question how our views on global history can be enriched by further extending cooperation between researchers from the Global North and from the Global South. 

    Babs Boter has been co-coordinator of the research program Globalisation, Capitalism, Colonialism since its establishment in 2022.

  • Knowledge in Context

    In 2021, Jeroen de Ridder was appointed as coordinator of the research team Knowledge Formation and its history. He continues as the co-coordinator of the new Knowledge in Context research program. Jeroen is associate professor of Philosophy at VU Amsterdam, professor by special appointment of Christian Philosophy at the University of Groningen and president of The Young Academy, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Jeroen’s research focuses on issues in social epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion. Currently, most of it is in collective epistemology and political epistemology: can groups have beliefs and knowledge, are there collective intellectual virtues, how do people form and change beliefs about politics, what determines the epistemic performance of groups?

    Ab (Abraham) Flipse is University Historian of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is based in the Cultural History research group within the Faculty of Humanities, where he conducts and coordinates research on the history of universities (especially the history of the VU Amsterdam), of science, of medicine, of science and religion, as well as teaches on a variety of subjects. Since its establishment in 2022, Ab had been the second co-coordinator of the CLUE+ Knowledge in Context research program. 

  • Traces of the Transcendent

    In 2021, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte was appointed the coordinator of the new CLUE+ research program Text, Culture, Religion and Heritage. He continues as the co-coordinator of the new program Traces of the Transcendent.

    Jessica Roitman is professor of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT) with effect of the 1st of February 2021. Jessica has joined the CLUE+ coordination team as co-coordinator of the Traces of the Transcendent research program from its establishment in 2022.