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Interdisciplinary research institutes

Research at VU Amsterdam covers a wide range of fields that often cut across disciplinary boundaries. In order to encourage and accommodate interdisciplinary research, the university has established interdisciplinary research institutes in which researchers can meet, share their expertise and join forces in the acquisition of external funding.

These institutes enhance the scientific quality and the societal impact of research, and they enjoy an excellent reputation due to their successful PhD and research Master’s programmes, worldwide recruitment of staff and students, and active participation in international networks and consortia. They are also highly esteemed, both nationally and internationally, on account of their excellent research facilities.

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

ABRI - Amsterdam Business Research Institute

ACS - Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences

ACTA - Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam

ACWFS - Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies

AII - Amsterdam institute for Immunity and Infectious Diseases

AIMMS - Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences

AG&M - Amsterdam Gastroenterology & Metabolism

A-LAB - Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute

AMS - Amsterdam Movement Sciences

Amsterdam Neuroscience - Amsterdam Neuroscience

APH - Amsterdam Public Health

AR&D - Amsterdam Reproduction & Development

ASI - Amsterdam Sustainability Institute

Athena - Transdisciplinary Research and Education Institute

CCA - Cancer Center Amsterdam

CLUE+ - The Interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage

IBBA - Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam

ISR - Institute for Societal Resilience

Kooijmans Institute - Institute for Law and Governance

LaserLab - Institute for Lasers, Life and Biophotonics

LEARN! - Institute for learning, teaching, upbringing and development in societal context

Network Institute - The hub for interdisciplinary research on the Digital Society

Talma Institute - Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare

Tinbergen - Tinbergen Institute

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