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LEARN! is an interdisciplinary research institute on learning in an institutional and societal context. We bring together colleagues from the behavioural, social, medical and educational sciences to understand:
  • The Micro context of learning of children and adults (including teachers, principals) 
  • The Meso context of learning, such as the classroom, school organisation, day-care centers, work-based settings or adult colleges 
  • The Macro context of learning; e.g. the coordination and governance of learning by school boards, local and national governance (e.g. through marketization, network governance, hierarchical coordination), including the cultural and institutional context of learning (norms, values, social blueprint; legal, financial and policy context).

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LEARN! Projects

Corona and Education -  This website includes all of our work around the evaluation of catch-up programs and a number of blogs around the consequences of school closures during the Covid pandemic. 

Generations2 - A longitudinal cohort study on the transition to parenthood, parenting, and children’s development.

B-Kijk - A study testing the effects of video-based support for teacher-child interactions in the first years of primary school

Academic Collaborative Center of Kenter and VU - focusing on child maltreatment, assessment, and intervention

New Approaches In Inspection: A Polycentric Approach - Recognition of the inspection system of different countries and their comparisons.

Trust, capacity and accountability to improve learning outcomes in South Africa: a systems approach - an innovative project which aims to support key stakeholders in 1) Building the capacity (financial and material resources, knowledge and skills) and trust to implement well-functioning assessment and inspection systems and developing effective ways to share; and 2) Using data and feedback from national and international assessments and school inspections with the purpose of improving learning outcomes of disadvantaged students.

Trust, Accountability and Capacity in Education System Reform - This global collection brings a new perspective to the field of comparative education by presenting trust, capacity and accountability as the three building blocks of education systems and education system reform.

UNESCO MGIEP International Science and Evidence based Education (ISEE) Assessment - The ISEEA project started in 2019 and provides the scientific basis for UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative.

Hoe?Zo!Show - a project to make children enthusiastic about science. The show toured through the Netherlands in 2021.

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