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Institute for Lasers, Life and Biophotonics Amsterdam (LaserLaB)

Institute for Lasers, Life and Biophotonics Amsterdam (LaserLaB)

The mission of LaserLaB Amsterdam is groundbreaking scientific research based on the interaction of light with matter, spanning from the research on atoms and molecules to the investigation of living cells and tissue and sustainable energy sources.

Within LaserLaB, research is conducted in close collaboration between physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians. LaserLaB Amsterdam is hosted at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with participating research groups at UvA and Amsterdam UMC. LaserLaB is a founding partner of the new medical Imaging Center. LaserLab Amsterdam is part of LASERLAB-Europe, an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative of the European Union, forming a consortium of the 35 major laser centers in Europe.

About LaserLaB


The LaserLab offers 6 different research programs

  • Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy
  • Biomedical Physics
  • Energy
  • Light and Tissue
  • Molecular Biophysics
  • Physics of Light

Additional information about these programs can be found below.


In connection with VU and UvA there are a few Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that can be followed:

Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry
Bachelor's Programme in Physics
Bachelor's Programme in Medical Natural Science
Bachelor's Programme in Science Business Innovation

Master's programme in Chemistry
Master's programme in Physics and Astronomy
Master's programme in Biomedical Technology and Physics
Master's programme in Science Business and Innovation

More about LaserLab Amsterdam


For more information

Prof. dr. Kjeld Eikema
Director, LaserLaB