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AIMMS Molecular Research Accelerator

Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences

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AIMMS understands molecules, makes molecules, detects molecules and studies their impact in biotechnological, biomedical and environmental contexts. 

The mission of AIMMS is to achieve breakthroughs in molecular, pharmaceutical and life sciences, through fundamental understanding of molecules and their interaction with biological systems, humans and the environment. AIMMS integrates these disciplines to understand, modulate and use biological processes to improve sustainability and human health.



AIMMS takes a molecular perspective
AIMMS studies molecules in biotechnological, biomedical and environmental contexts
AIMMS applies fundamental knowledge.

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AIMMS provides complementary disciplines in chemistry and biology to study molecules in interaction with biological systems and the environment. We study chemical bonds, molecules, proteins, snake venoms, toxicity pathways, microbes, Zebra fish and humans.

The research groups involved in AIMMS belong to:

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