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Kooijmans Institute

Institute for Law and Governance (Kooijmans Institute)

The Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance hosts six research programmes. Each programme's line of research relates to the central theme of Law and Governance.

The institute approaches legal issues from an international, transnational or meta-legal perspective, and steers its publications towards international scientific debate. The institute's research lies at the interface between various disciplines, or between legal subdiscipines, for example between public and private law. Renewing insights are found at these boundaries of (sub)disciplines.

Peter Kooijmans

Peter Kooijmans

The institute is named after Peter Kooijmans (1933 - 2013), who studied at VU Amsterdam and who was awarded his doctorate at VU Amsterdam, where he subsequently obtained a chair in international law. He was later appointed as Full Professor at the University of Leiden, Minister of Foreign Affairs, a judge at the International Court of Justice and Minister of State. The name ‘Kooijmans Institute’ is a tribute to this remarkable lawyer.

Pieter Kooijmans

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prof. dr. Edward R. Kleemans (director)