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Institute for Societal Resilience (ISR)

Institute for Societal Resilience

The Institute for Societal Resilience is the research institute of de Faculty of Social Sciences.

Increasing social inequality, tensions between ethnic and religious communities, polarization, radicalization, new forms of crime and cybercrime, health care reforms and the refugee crises: these are some of the many challenges we as a society and as individuals are facing today. However, these challenges are so complex, that it is necessary to bring together different perspectives, knowledge and insights from daily practice as well as different academic disciplines.

The Institute for Societal Resilience (ISR) of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the answer to this need. The ISR was established in 2015 as a faculty-wide research institute for the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS). Within the ISR, independent researchers do work across the disciplinary boundaries of the five departments of the FSS, in order to contribute to issues that fall under the header of 'resilience'.

What is 'resilience'?

We start from the notion that a society is resilient when individuals (micro), groups and organizations (meso) and societies (macro) are able to survive and adapt in times of adversity, threats, disasters and wars and most importantly are able to find a way (back) towards a well functioning or even better social system and a healthy society. 

Themes ISR

The ISR's research is organized around four themes, each one headed by a theme leader.

View the themes here.

Experise labs ISR

In our so-called expertise labs academic expertise of researchers is linked to the practical experience of professionals.

View the labs here. 

A resilient healthcare system

How can various parties within our healthcare system collaborate to optimize care for patients and care providers?

Bianca Beersma is professor Organization sciences and conducts research into the collaboration and competition in the context of organizations. Mrs. Beersma is theme manager Care and Welfare for the ISR and investigates, among other things, several dilemmas within the healthcare system.

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