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Register/deregister for courses and exams

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Last updated on 28 November 2022
To participate in courses and exams you have to register.

You can register via the registration module.

The official rules about registration are described in the Registration regulations for educational activities and examinations.

What do you register for?

Registration, as well as deregistration, is necessary for organising education. It provides insight into the number of students to be expected. This is important, for example for the scheduling of lecture halls and the preparation of education by a teacher.

Different registration procedure?

For some study programmes or courses, a different registration procedure applies. View the Study Guide to see whether this applies to your study programme or course. Also look at the bottom of this page under 'Registration conditions per faculty'.

Registration deadlines

Each period has a fixed registration and deregistration deadline; within these deadlines you can register and deregister for education. Timely registration guarantees participation in courses. Did you miss the deadlines? Read the section below under the heading 'Too late to register'.


If you change your mind and still do not participate in the course or exam, please deregister. To do this, select "deregister" in the registration module.

Information about registration

  • How to register

    1. You can register for courses via the registration module.
    2. After you have selected your study programme and academic year, you can register per period for courses within your study programme.
    3. To help you make the right choice of the corresponding components during the registration process. Full information about the timetable can be found on

    Important principles of registration at the VU:

    • If you sign up for a course, you will be signed up (automatically) for the exam (default). Please keep the check mark if you want to participate in the exam.
    • If you did not pass the exam for a course, you will be automatically registered for the resit.
    • You have to registered for a course, if you want to participate in the exam or resit
    • You can withdraw from a course up until the first week of classes.
    • Avoid a No Show result, by signing out for the exam or resit.


    • The above does not apply if your course entry and result registration do not take place via the VU.
    • For Medicine students, different rules may apply, see below under 'Different registration procedure per faculty'.
    • In the registration module you can also register for courses outside your study programme and select minors and specializations. Check out the specific information below.
    • In some cases you will be registered by the Educational Office of your faculty or you cannot register for courses and/or groups yourself. View the Study Guide for more information about the course in question and look at 'Registration conditions per faculty' at the bottom of this page.
    • Do you not want to participate in a course or exam? Deregister in time, read how to below.

    If your question about the registration for courses has not been answered, do contact your Educational Office.

  • How to deregister

    If you do not want to participate in a course, please deregister before the deregistration deadline. Select the course in the registration module and click "deregister". After deregistration, you will receive a confirmation in your VU email. You will then be automatically deregistered for all parts of the course, such as the lectures, tutorial groups and the exam. Once the deregistration period is closed, you can no longer deregister.

    Please note: if you are registered for a course/exam but do not take part and do not deregister in time, you will be assessed as a No Show. Whether this counts as an opportunity depends on the Education and Examination Regulations (OER) and Rules & Guidelines (R&R) of your programme and/or faculty. More information on the OER and R&R can be found on this page.

  • When to register and deregister

    Find out the Registration and deregistration deadlines for courses and exams.

  • Too late to register

    You cannot register through the registration module after the registration deadline. Only if you register in time, your participation in the education is guaranteed.

    Can I still participate?

    For some courses you have the option for late placement (as of period 2). This means that after the registration period has closed, you can submit a request to be registered for the course. The period in which you can submit a request for a late placement varies: from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks after the closing date for registration. Depending on the number of places available, your request may be honored. At the latest in the week before the start of the course you will receive a message whether your request for an extra place has been approved. If it is not possible to resit a course, this is indicated in the Study Guide.

    You can submit a request for late placement in the registration module. Go to the course in question in the registration module and click on the button 'Request for late placement'. This button appears when the regular registration period for the course has closed.

    Look at the bottom of this page under the heading 'Registration conditions per faculty' to read the additional rules per faculty.

    Late placement not possible / late placement request rejected

    If your late placement request is rejected ór if late placement is not possible and you are too late to register, you can submit a substantiated request to be included.

    A substantiated request will only be honored if it meets the conditions set out in the Regulations for (de)registration for Education and Examinations. If your application is granted, you will be registered.

    Your application will only be considered if you provide evidence of force majeure (such as your long-term illness or the death of a close relative) or disproportionate consequences for your study progress. A request will only be honored if there is sufficient capacity in the lecture halls for the course in question.

    Form substantiated request

    Substantiated request rejected

    If your substantiated request is not accepted, you will not be registered and will not be allowed to participate in the course and/or examination. If you do take part, it is at your own risk and you should take into account these consequences:

    • If you participate in a course without enrolling, you are not entitled to access the educational activities and the available educational materials.
    • If you participate in an examination without signing up, you will not receive a result. 
    • If you want to participate in an examination without having registered, you may be denied access.

    More information can be found on the page Complaint, Appeal and Objection.

  • Register for a minor

    You can select a minor in the registration module. If you select a minor (or as soon as the permission has been granted), the courses from this minor will be shown per period under the "Pre-selected courses" tab. You can then easily register for the selected courses. Please note that the pre-selected courses are displayed per period. You must register separately for each period in which a minor course is offered. If you select a minor for which approval is required, a form will automatically appear to request this approval from the Examination Board.

    More substantive information about the minors can be found at

  • Register as a pre-master student or contract student

    As a pre-master's student, you can register for courses in the registration module

    As a contract student, you cannot register for courses yourself. This is done by the Educational Office of your faculty.

    Please consult the information at the bottom of this page under 'Registration conditions per faculty' for the specific conditions of your faculty for pre-master's and contract students.

  • Register as a subsidiary student

    If you, as a student from another university, want to take course(s) at VU Amsterdam as a subsidiary student, indicate which course(s) you want to take when registering. After approval, the courses are scheduled, after which you can register for the courses in the registration module.

    You cannot add courses in the registration module. If you want to take an extra course within the academic year for which you are registered, go to your profile to add the desired course. If an earlier application for a minor has not yet been approved, you also have the option to delete the application here.

    For more information, see Optional courses.

  • Register for an extracurricular course

    You can only register for courses that are part of your study programme and for courses that are offered extracurricularly. For registration and for including courses from other programmes in your curriculum, you must first request permission from the examination board. If you only wish to participate in the courses of other programmes and not include them in your curriculum, a request to the education office of the faculty is sufficient.

  • Problems with registering

    There are several possible reasons why you cannot register for courses:

    • You can only register during the registration period.
    • You can only register if you are (re)registered for a study programme. If the status of your registration is still on 'Complete registration', you are not fully (re)registered.
    • You can only register for courses within your study programme and for courses that are offered extracurricularly. You must first request permission to participate in courses from other programmes.
    • Entry requirements apply to some courses. If you do not meet the entry requirements, you cannot register for the course.

    Course not found in the registration module?

    Can't find courses in the registration module? Then try the following:

    • Check whether you have selected the correct study programme and the correct year: at the top of the start screen for registration it is shown for which study programme and which year you see the study plan. Make sure that the correct data is selected here.
    • Search within all courses: a course that is not in the pre-selected courses may be found in all courses.
    • Search within extracurricular courses: courses that are not part of the training programme of your study programme may be offered extracurricularly.
    • Search in minors: if you are looking for a (course within a) minor, you can find it by clicking the "Search in minors" button. You will find all minors that are available within your study programme and you can then register for the courses.
    • Check the Study Guide: if a subject in the study guide is available in your study programme, but not in the registration module, you can contact the student desk about this.

    Still not able to find courses or minors? Then they are not available within your study programme and the extracurricular offer. If you want to take such courses, you can submit a request to participate.

    Is the course full?

    A course or an educational activity can fill up during registration. You can only register if there is still room in a course. In most cases, the capacity is increased quickly and subscription is possible again. So try again the next day. If the course is still full, you can submit a request to the faculty to increase the capacity for this part of a course.

    You can only submit a request if activities of a part are full, for example if all groups in a workgroup are full. For some courses a maximum number of participants applies; You cannot submit a request to increase the capacity for such courses. If there is a maximum number of participants, this is stated in the course in the Study Guide.

    If a course is full, you can submit a request to participate:

    For different registration rules per faculty, see 'Registration conditions per faculty' at the bottom of this page. 

  • Plan courses in your study plan

    You can add a course to your study plan via the registration module if the registration period for that course has not yet been opened. This is also possible for courses in subsequent academic years. Select your study programme and academic year. By clicking the "Plan course" button you can schedule courses per period.

    Please note: planning is not the same as subscribing! If you have planned courses, you still have to register for the courses, educational activities and exams yourself when the registration period is open. This does not happen automatically.

  • Take several courses at the same time

    Are you following two or more courses at the same time, or do you wish to do so? That is possible. Below you can read how to arrange this.

    Visit your academic advisor

    Visit the academic advisor for advice. He or she will help you plan and combine the courses you have in mind and, if necessary, can refer you to another course.

    Ask the lecturer for the digital learning materials of lectures

    If lectures coincide, decide which lecture you will attend. Ask the lecturer of the lecture you missed to make the available digital learning resources available quickly so that you can prepare for the remaining lectures.

    Change of workgroup

    Are work lectures at the same time? Then ask if you can switch working groups. Depending on the method of registration, you can arrange this yourself or contact the education office or the lecturer.

    Request to take an exam at another time

    Are exams scheduled at the same time? In all cases, submit a request to take the examination at another time as soon as possible, but no later than three weeks before the examination period. Are you taking your second course at different faculties? Submit your request to the faculty of your main study.