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Hot Moments in the Classroom

8 November 2021
When diverse perspectives interact, hot moments are inevitable. These moments of tension have potential to advance deep learning, if managed well.

Based on interviews and observations during Mixed Classroom workshops, we disentangled hot moments and put together a framework (.pdf). This document offers insights, tools, and tips for teachers in higher education. For more information: contact Amrita Das (

The Mixed Classroom Educational Model 
The VU Mixed Classroom Educational Model is an educational approach that builds upon differences to enrich the learning experience for all students present. Capitalizing on differences does not mean compromising between different perspectives or merging them into one uniform perspective. Instead, the approach uses the differences and possible tension between views to stimulate critical thinking, develop analytical skills, and generate creative solutions.

Join (for free!) the workshop series Mixed classroom this autumn
Do you want to move towards a more safe and inclusive classroom that thrives on critical thinking, discourse, and diversity of thought? Join the workshop series Mixed Classroom at LEARN! Academy.
On December 2nd, the next workshop series will start. Visit the website for more information and registration.

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