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Learn to identify compliance and integrity risks

Module Compliance: Organizational Culture & Behavioral Risk

In this Module, you will learn all about compliance and integrity risks.

Module Organizational culture and behavioral risk

Human behavior can drive organizations and teams to great achievements, integrity and prosperity, but human behavior can also lead to issues and problems. An important underlying cause of many problems, fines, scandals and inertia to change is rooted in human behavior and the culture in many organizations. This implies that to be effective and integer organizations need to understand human behavior. In the remit of risk,  compliance and audit it means that compliance officers nowadays should be much more on top of the potential risks of human behavior and organizational culture for the organizations' performance and integrity. These behavioral risks need to be identified, assessed and managed across the organization

In this module you will learn to look at the organization through a behavioral lens. We will focus on what’s visible and easier to detect but we will also deep dive into the informal drivers of behavior. Factors that are less visible and tangible yet very influential on the behaviors of employees and leaders.

This module on human behavior in organizations aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of human dynamics within the workplace, ultimately contributing to effective leadership, organizational success, and employee well-being.

What benefits will you and your employer get?

  • a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, strategies, and skills necessary for successfully navigating, addressing and changing human behaviour in the workplace.
  • the knowledge and skills to
    • understand how human behaviour can be a root cause for issues in organizations and identify and include these issues in risk management decisions
    • be able to challenge culture change initiatives within their organizations and contribute to effective behavioral and cultural change

Practical information:

  • Startdate September 2024
  • Weekly self-study time investment (on average) 5 hours per week.
  • Classes: two blocks of 3 or 4 consecutive days (at the VU in Amsterdam) (Oct.8-11; Nov.19-21, 2024).
  • Costs: €5495,-
  • Form: blended, online preparation material with interactive on-site sessions.
  • Application deadline: before 1 August. If you’d still like to register after this date, please contact us.

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All available information that is also relevant and applicable to following an individual module (regarding accreditation, title, draft schedule etc.) can be found via Compliance and Integrity Management.

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