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Meta-Analysis: Know-How and Beyond

Meta-analysis is essential for developing theories. This course helps students get to grips with the basic and advanced skills required for analysing data in open-science software.

During the course students will learn how to formulate a problem and analyse it by conducting a meta-analysis in JASP, an open-science software package. We will cover the literature extensively, and students will learn how to report their findings following the PRISMA standards. 

This online course will provide you with the basics of preparing and describing a meta-analytical study in a separate article. You will learn how to apply this technique to summarise studies found in a manuscript in order to improve cohesion and suitability for publication.

Course Overview

  • Course days: 8-19 January 2024
  • Attendance: online
  • Course level: open to Master's students, PhD candidates and professionals from all disciplines
  • Course curriculum: read more about the course curriculum 
  • Coordinating lecturer: Dr. Jacek Buczny
  • Forms of tuition: interactive online seminars (live tutorials, pre-recorded lecturers and Q&A sessions)
  • Language of tuition: English
  • Forms of assessment: written assignments
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Contact hours: 30 hours
  • Self-study hours:  approximately 54 hours, at least 8 hours prior to the course starts.
  • How to apply: read more about our fees and application process

This online course is part of VU Amsterdam Graduate Winter School online learning, short courses targeted at graduates and professionals.

When asked about the best part of the course, students from the 2023 winter school edition answered: 

“The teaching of Jacek was just brilliant. Many, many thanks to him for all his patient work and the huge amount of very useful information and tools he provided.”

“The course is well-structured and clear. I am new to the topic, but this course helped me understand meta-analysis in general and helped me to conduct a meta-analysis in the future.”

*If you choose to apply as an auditor participant, you will have access to all the lectures and workshops of your winter course for a discounted price (-€100). You will, however, not participate in assignments and will therefore not receive a transcript of records or study credits after completing the course.

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