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Curriculum Support

Join us in our mission to empower educators! We provide a diverse range of curriculum support services geared towards helping you design and implement impactful instructional materials and strategies. Let's work together to enhance the learning experiences of students.

Expert Educational Design
Do you notice that the lecturers in your department want to innovate their education, but don't know exactly where to start or how to set it up? Would you like to join educational innovations at VU Amsterdam and/or make use of the possibilities offered by active blended education, mixed classroom and a broader mind? With this course, you will discover the secrets behind the sustainable redesign of education and learn how to guide other teachers in this process. 

Design Workshops
Do you want to (re)design your course together with the help of education specialists? Do something truly innovative and path-breaking, but before you take the plunge would you like to consult with an expert to get feedback and ideas? Come to a Design Worksho together with your colleagues and (re)design your education in one day.

Big Ideas in Curriculum Design
Are you working on curriculum innovation or (re)design? Do you like to collaborate with colleagues and are you intrigued by key questions such as: 'How do we prepare our students today for tomorrow's world?' Do you want expert guidance, practical tools for curriculum design and the opportunity to learn with and from each other? And do you ultimately want to have a complete (re)designed curriculum for your programme in your hands? Then sign up for this inspiring and hands-on programme!

Coaching on the Job
We offer pedagogical support to educators seeking to implement research-based teaching strategies and instructional methodologies in their curriculum design. Our experts provide guidance on active learning techniques, inquiry-based approaches, and differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of students.

Education Lab
Technology Integration Consultation: We provide guidance and support to educators on integrating educational technology tools and resources into the curriculum effectively. Our consultants offer training sessions, resources, and best practices for incorporating digital tools, online platforms, and multimedia resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Communities of Practice
We facilitate communities of practice where educators can collaborate, share ideas, and exchange resources related to curriculum design and implementation. These communities provide opportunities for ongoing professional development and peer support.

Through these curriculum support services, CTL empowers educators to design curriculum that fosters student engagement, promotes deep learning, and prepares students for the future. Whether you're looking to develop a new curriculum or refine an existing one, we're here to support you in your curriculum design journey.

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